March 31, 2010

The Cool Kids feat. Stalley – We Can Do It Big

The Cool Kids and Stalley go in over a Ski Beatz production off the upcoming "24 Hour Karate School" mixtape.

JansportJ: Five Days Until MoveMeants (Instrumental Album) Release!

Via JansportJ
Waddup World
The time is near for me to release my first solo project since 2009's American Gospel Jay-Z remix album. You guys have showed me tremendous support, and I truly appreciate it. Just wanted to warn you guys that I'll be sending out material once a day until the release date of April 5th, so PLEASE bare with me, and I promise to leave you alone for most of 2010!
This project is entitled MoveMeants and is an instrumental album that I've been working on for the past couple of months with Acrylick and LrgrThnLfe. With people asking here and there about the direction of the album, I decided to give insight to the album and the creation process via youtube. I'll be releasing a video a day until April 5th.

March 30, 2010

Kemizt - The Vigil

@Kemizt has single handedly made my day, I've actually never heard of him and I'm surprised because he seems like one of those artist that are so well put together that I figured I'd be somewhat aware of him. However Kemizt seems like he's had experience putting together because this project is so interlaced with reflective tones and verses that connect with all the beats and the clips that he used. You NEED to download this! Please don't sleep on this guy. Below is a place to steam the mixtape as well as a bio on Kemizt via Cold July.
The 20 year old emcee, Kemizt, displays lyrical prowess and unmeasurable potential in every bar. Skillfully delivered lyrics are laid over compositions by great producers such as J Dilla & Nujabes (RIP), Kev Brown, Statik Selektah, Flying Lotus, etc. The most impressive matter is the wide range of creativity shown from song to song, each one vastly varying from the next. Concepts incorporate everything from relationships to personal struggles to the general consensus of the state of the game. Every track transcends into reality, bridging the gap between himself and the listener. Choosing a clear cut favorite on this mixtape is a very difficult feat in itself. This is a potential classic for any lover of Hip Hop.

B/A - Dirty Diana

Via @Copastetik: I dig this new B/A, the michael jackson flip is always dope. B/A's lyricism is pretty dope and I can see why DWND backs him the way they do. My only knock is that the recording sounds a little muffled but all in all, I really dig this track. B/A on deck!

Via DWND's Cris Copastetik
Who loves Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana? Well on this joint, B/A gives us his very own story of Dirty D. This is the latest leak fromB/A's next project, Past, Present, Future.

EarthGang - Acid in My Eyes

I'm feeling EarthGang to this point, they come up some real creative concepts and on top of that they can just spit. They lyrical on par with this game. This song is not exception, I do think they could have done a little better but thats just my perfectionist comings out. Great track, you should really check them out.

Via Shabazz
Following the release of their first The Better Party single, "Kick'n It," EarthGang releases another track titled "Acid in My Eyes."


Charles Hamilton - Paperboy (Feat. B.o.B)

@CharlesHamilton & @Bobatl have convinced me that this mixtape that they seem to be planning is probably one of the best ideas in a long time. If completed, I think it'll be one of the best projects of 2010, mixtape or album. 


March 29, 2010

D.Julien Interview

D.Julien sits down with BarrelHouseNYC to discuss Biggie's influence on his sound, dealing with the labels, and his devotion to his music. As well as dropping another quick freestyle to finish it off.

Numonics – Being Cool Doesn’t Get The Album Out

"Due to scheduling conflicts, my debut album "Being Cool Doesn't Pay The Bills" (mixed by DJ RTC and features Shawn Chrystopher, BK Cyph, Sene, Donny Goines, Co$$ and more) will be released later in the week via and IM KING.
For those anticipating the album's release today, I put together a special instrumental mix featuring brand new beats, ones that didn't make the project and a few that you maybe familiar with."

March 28, 2010

LUNGZ & DJ Sean Mac - Skateboard Gangsta

Some ill new visuals for the track off Sean Mac's "Go Sk8 Of Mind" mixtape

Phonte speaks on 9th Wonder

Mr. @Phontigallo gives 9th Wonderful a 12 minute cannon of real talk, following a public twitter beef between him and 9th this afternoon. Originally people were blasting Phonte for what seemed to be an unwarrented shot towards 9th Wonder. However after this video, the tables have clearly been turned as far as who looks unreasonable.

March 27, 2010

Choze - Now or Never

This past week, Sucker4Clothes debuted their latest complication, off the Sucker4Clothes The Mixtape Volume 3. Their leading man, Oliver Winkler tapped Choze to open up the project with this track Now or Never.

March 26, 2010

William A. Poe - The Day I Found Dilla

William A. Poe is an artist who is new to Sound Society this week, coming to bring us his newest mixtape, The Day I Found Dilla, a mixtape of his lyrical flows over the immaculate work of J. Dilla. Some of the strongest tracks included Look Of Love III and Playing With Words. He has a creative flow and a great concept for recording songs. The only place where this LP falls short is a combination of the recording and the delivery, both were solid, however neither were exactly where they needed to be. With a little more energy in those tracks and some more experience, Poe will surely be on a quick come up. The Day I Found Dilla is not a classic but what it is, is a testament to the lyrical and conceptually ability of Poe as an MC. If he puts in the work, we will be seeing a lot of him for a long time to come.

1. One More Try
2. Find My Way freestyle
3. Relax Ya Mind
4. Prestigious
5. Apex ft. Quad
6. Get Laid
7. Do What You Do
8. Clever
9. Art of Seduction
10. Jacking for Dilla Beats freestyle
11. Playing with words
12. William A. Poe Speaks
13. The Day i Found Dilla
14. Grab the Torch
15. Look of Love III
16. True Vibe
17. A Day in The Life

March 25, 2010

Choze & JustNice - Respect Earned: The Remixes (Presented By Sound-Society.Net &

I got back to my house a little late so for all of you who didn't catch this with our homies over at Refined Hype, here his the project at last! Respect Earned: The Remixes. We have a direct download coming to you directly from Refined Hype and my write up below. So here it is! Choze & JustNice's Respect Earned: The Remixes, mixed entirely by myself and presented by presented By Sound-Society.Net & Enjoy!

Via Me
Last Summer, Choze & JustNice set out on their journey to create the perfect project. A project that would showcase their ability and allow them to take what is truly theirs. They worked tirelessly and through it all, they created a project was recognized by some of the most respected people and blogs in the game (including Kevin Nottingham, DDotOmen & Hip-Hop Update). Soon after, Choze’s manager and former DJ, Natac, began to blend records again and offered to do a remix of their record Drive. From there, they never turned back, setting out, once again to re-create a truly special project for the fans to enjoy. The project features production from Bangladesh, Hi-Tek, 9th Wonder, Sledgren & much more.

Fashawn ft. Talib Kweli - Life’s A Bitch

Fashawn links up with Talib Kweli for his upcoming "Ode To Illmatic" project. It could obviously never live up to the original but both definitely go in on this.

Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life

Cudi hits us with a video for "Soundtrack 2 My Life" which i believe is easily the best track from his "Man On The Moon" album

March 24, 2010

Forever - D-Pryde ft. Various Artists

Collect N’ Cool 2.0 Promo Video

So before, NBG took off to LA, Wingate bought a new camera, which, in turn, came in handy as they shot their first promo video for Collect N' Cool above. Collect N' Cool will feature some new tracks, re-recorded songs and some improved lyricist this go around.

Take A Step Back: Mic Geronimo

This album along with a slew of other underground albums that dropped in the 90s is SEVERELY overlooked. Mic Geronimo could hold his own with just about anyone on a track. Although his career was short lived (Artists don't fuck around and mess with Diddy), this album
is above average in every sense of the word, and anyone who has heard can co-sign me on that. Finding it in a store may be a little hard, but trust me it's worth having in your collection. Although (lets be real) you can probably find a download link somewhere haha. Check out a few tracks below. And look on the Zune Mareketplace...who you think is the number 1 listener for Mic Geronimo.

Shawn Chrystopher – The Audition (FreEP)

@ShawnChrys drops this FreEP for us. Now let say something real quick, I been following Shawn Chrystopher since Waxx posted I wear Glasses Vol. 1 on illRoots. And while he was a DOPE rapper, I felt like he was missing that edge. Like that shit that makes your music UNDENIABLY good. You get what I'm saying? Even though I often reflect on one of his bars at least once a day. ("I'm sick of being a hero, you get pats on the back but your bank account is zero"). Now I downloaded this EP and this here has this edge that i felt like his other projects were missing. So download this shit, and I dont got to tell you to enjoy it because I know you will. This isn't one of those projects where after you download it your like "I want my 70MB back" and send it to the trash can. Hahah. You WILL like this jawn, peep it. (And, Shawn Chrys, if you reading this, when the hard copies mailing out?)


William A. Poe - Apex x Prestigious x Get laid

William A. Poe is a rookie in this Hip-Hop game. But at the same time, as much as he is new, he is equally eager. Here are 3 tracks he sent me off his new mixtape The Day I Found Dilla. He's got some progress to make, but I like his style and with some work on his delivery, who knows where he could go.



Get laid

March 23, 2010

Scorsese - Exhibit Sese

Canadian Content. Scorsese goes in over Jay Elect's classic as my city plays the backdrop.

Addifi - The Green Diner

The Green Diner Mix Cover Art
Wow so this guy Addifi from LA, sent me his Beat tape entitled The Green Diner and I have to say I'm impressed. The range of beats is great and all of his beats flow sound like they are ready to be spit over. These beats definitely show me that Addifi is no rookie when it comes to producing and artist might want to keep his name on their list when they're trying to find producers for their next project because he certainly shows promise.

<a href="">The Green Diner Mix by addifi</a>
1. Chant Intro
2. O'dem Gods Play Dice
3. Story Time
4. We Gots Tin Gin
5. 12 Enrico's
6. Denial of Wernher Magnus
7. All Up In That Calibi Yau
8. Dr. Arp
9. Oh, Julius
10. The Fredwin Hoybble Conundrum
11. Waver Off
12. Till Next Time, Outro

GemStones - My Hood

YO this track is CRAZY. I mean CRAZY. Ever since I heard Gemstones perform this track live, I wanted the CDQ. I know Gemstones tends to get overlooked because of Lupe (and that's to be expected because's Lupe). GemStones can hold his own on any track, with any rapper though in my honest opinion. And its not just "rappitty-rap-rap I'm better than you, lemme rip this shit to pieces". It's all that AND substance as you will hear in this song. Listen to it, I know you finna enjoy it. Straight swagged from 2DopeBoyz. HOORAY! BLACK WOMEN ARE THE NUMBER 1 FOR AIDS!!!!

Download/Stream Here

Marky - Rasta Monsta

Marky hits us off with the 2nd record from his upcoming EP "Journey To Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 1" dropping April 5th.

Ok so.. I'm a huge fan of the "Entourage" Series Show on HBO just like the rest of the world lol. I caught on to the show around the 3rd Season and then went back and started at Season 1 to catch myself up. Now comes this new show "How To Make It In America" that I think has the same feel but it's a little, or MUCH rather, more gritty and "about the grind-ish". It's already 6 Episodes in and for some reason I can't stop singing the got damn theme song by Aloe Blacc titled "I Need A Dollar". I figured, "hey, why not throw my 1, 2 on it!" lol

Brey Quick - Nobody Knows (Prod by M&D)

You've probably seen this joint around already but can anybody tell you that Brey did this track in Iceland? or that they designed this picture (above)? or that this joint was done in January? or that they set the whole M&D x Brey Quick connection up? Nah.. of course they can't, because they're not Sound Society, so there's no way, they go THAT hard. Brey is exactly what you would expect.. an absolute animal. So in the spirit of being egotistical, I declare this #NoDaysOff season! That is all.

Via Me
Nobody Knows is produced by Louisiana producing duo M&D. Brey Quick is currently working on his collaboration album with Tim Lawrence entitled "International Ghost," the SkyedUP mixtape and several more collaborations that are set to be released in the near future.

hasHBrown - Baptism

"The Baptism" is a fine lyrical concept comparing hip-hop to the traditional workings of a church. The video was conceived and directed by Damien Randle of the KO-tix, and features cameos by T.H.E.M. Song was produced by Jett I. Masstyr.
Sounds From the Back Seat is available on iTunes here

March 22, 2010

E.A. - Cold War Chillin (Ft. Choze & JustNice) (Produced By E.A.)

NB Gang's E.A. is the latest to begin his campaign to debut his solo LP, Culture Shock. The Texas native hasn't set a date for release but expects a release in the near future. Cold War Chillin features Choze & JustNice and is the first leak from Culture Shock.

Los - Over

Move over @Wale, @Swaggaboylos is a DMV beat murderer. Not to disrepect Wale, he's been a favorite of mine since 2006, but seriously, Los is amazing, he's up there with Wale as DMV's finest to say the least. Speaking of both these amazing MCs, wouldn't it be dope if Los got Wale for a track on his next mixtape Zero Gravity? ...Yea I think so too.

March 21, 2010

Hollywood FLOSS - Mr. Big Stuff

Floss hits us off with a new track (Produced By John Dew) dedicated to all those vertically challenged cats out there. Be on the lookout for his upcoming mixtape "Xperiment Volume 2" aswell as his debut LP "House Of Dreams".

March 20, 2010

Basic Vocab - Sit On Down

On April 13th, 2010, Basic Vocab (JL Sorrell, Mental Growth and Tony Galvin) returned with their sophomore LP, A Better Way. Its a great piece of work, it hasn't hit iTunes yet to my knowledge but I'll keep everyone updated.

March 19, 2010

Buggs Tha Rocka - Exhibit B

I can't get enough of this instrumental... Never. Buggs does his thing all over this one and is proving that he is worth your time and mines, despite having a name that isn't so "underground friendly." I dig the track though, he's doing a good job and nobody can tell him otherwise.

Via Shabazz:
Eight weeks may be up, but Buggs Tha Rocka still has two more freestyles. Being one out of the two, Buggs decides to goes over Jay Electornica's "Exhibit B."
<a href="">Exhibit B by Buggs Tha Rocka</a>

March 17, 2010

Freestyle, Wordsworth, & M-Dot - Struggle (prod. by Abnormal)

Above is the making of the beat for this song and below is a word from our producer Abnormal who made the video. Great joint, I love the production and the rhymes are hard as usual. Its a dope thing to see EMS continue to grow and become the MCs that they have.

This time I got a treat for yall.In this video I show how I made this song called "Struggle" Featuring Wordsworth M-Dot and Freestyle of The Arsonist.

Choze & JustNice - Mind Blown Remix (Feat. Wingate, Quinten, E.A. & Boss B) (Prod. Alex Goose)

This track is a remix of Choze & JustNice's song, Mind Blown which was featured on their collaboration mixtape Respect Earned (released Christmas 2009). Produced by Alex Goose and mixed by myself. Respect Earned: The Remixes will be available Wednesday, March 24th. Excited? Well you should be!


Jo Well - It'z A Good Ass Day (Ft. Hawdwerk)

Jo Well went in on this new track. This whole song is just great, top to bottom. From the lyrics to production and the hook, they killed it. This is the first of many amazing tracks that will be featured on JoWell's new mixtape A West Side Story. Jo Well has more info below.

Jo Well:
Hope everyone out there is doing good...Here is the next single off of my "A West Side Story (Mixtape)"....this one is with the homie Hawdwerk...if you have any doubts about the tape, just take a listen to this track and you can feel the feel good vibe we got goin on....ride to this one.. and spread the music!.....the artwork for the tape is brought to you courtesy of Phenomenon...expect the tape early to mid April!...thank you for your love and support! you can reach me at on Twitter & Myspace.


March 16, 2010

Frank Ramz - Frankenstein

Frank Ramz dropped his very first mixtape which just serves as an appetizer of whats to come in "Frankly Speaking.." & "Quite Frankly..." I haven't had the opportunity to peep this tape as of yet, but the ReUpSpot hosted project is sure to be fire.

1. Frankenstein Intro
2. Practice Run
3. Turbulence
4. Heaven Sent
5. What It’s Hitting Like
6. The Terrorist
7. Monster Bash
8. More Sober Thoughts
9. Juiced Up!
10. Dope $#!T
11. Give Me Room
12. Quick Strike (Extended Version)
13. 150%
14. Get Right To It


March 15, 2010

EarthGang - Kick'n It

I definitely dig this group, EarthGang. They sound like a mixture of Outkast and almost like a Hollywood FLOSS type of houston style. They are some geat MCs, both Johnny Venus & E. Hobbes have styles that you definitely shouldn't sleep on.

About EarthGang:
ATLiens Johnny Venus (left) and E. Hobbes (right) make up the dynamic duo better known to the masses as EarthGang. The two take on various genres of music, fusing hip hop, rock and afro-punk together into their own custom, eclectic sound- but never falling short of spitting pure, attention demanding lyricism. Still rookies to the music scene, the boys only have their debut mixtape The Better Party for show, which released January 2010 along with their “Earth Gang” t-shit brand. The Better Party intro “Booom (EG Rock)” was released for download as a teaser and began to receive internet radio play on blogs and sites based in New York, New Jersey, California, and the UK. Though EarthGang are constantly compared to Outkast, the two try to stay away from the strict branding. The duo finds their inspiration in The Beatles, UGK, Arctic Monkeys, Prince, Nas, B.o.B., Gill Scott Heron, Chester French and more.

VERSES: Donny Goines vs. Guru

"VERSES is an acapella music video series where your favorite MCs drop a verse from their favorite MCs. Presented by 2dopeboyz."

Nero: Far Away From Here (Live)

Nero's live set in Chicago from over this last weekend.

Souls of Mischief: Hip-Hop Kings Interview

@HHKDotCom's Ryan Maxwell catches up with Souls of Mischief to run through a large amount of topics, from their work with De La Soul to the groups mindset when they made 93 till infinity. Huge points for Ryan here, he's definitely making some moves.

S-Preme - Over

This guy S-Preme should be much more well known than he is right now. I wonder why he's so underground. Anyways, this Over freestyle is mean. I didn't think I was going to like it, but it was dope as hell. Punchlines were on point, rhyme schemes were tough and the concept was original.

Via Rhymestyle
Never one to wait, S-Preme launches the lead-off track to his inquisitively titled Is This a Mixtape?!, due out within the next month. Over Drizzy's "Over," S-Preme attacks the Boi-1da instrumental with unexpected flows to make sleepers take notice and haters take heed. All that sleeping is overrr!

Closed Sessions EP Vol. 1

Closed Sessions Vol. 1 Cover Art
Via Matt Conaway
Closed Session's EP Vol 1 has turned into a viral trending topic as the project has been given a co-sign from all of the major tastemakers (that's you!) and the founders of the project (specifically DJ RTC) are now available to speak with anyone interested in picking their brain about the project, how it came about and how the participants were selected and give an insight on the selection process for the upcoming Vol 2 EP.
The Closed Sessions EP Vol. 1 contains 14 tracks, and 9 original songs, all created at SoundScape Recordings in Chicago, IL. The songs were created under a simple idea, take talented artists, put them in a studio with other talented artists and producers, give them access to high quality production, and just get out of their way as they do what they do: create great music
<a href="">Rapper Weed by Closed Sessions</a>

Skyzoo - Easy to Fly (ft. Carlitta Durand)

As someone who has watched and listened to skyzoo since 2006, I have to say I'm proud of how far he's come. Dope video, crazy song and an absolute classic of an album. However, as you'd expect, its severely under appreciated. Easy to fly is presented by Restless Films and directed by Court Dunn. Skyzoo plays Darius Lovehall as Ashlee Ray plays Nina Mosley. The Salvation is in stores as well as available on itunes

Choze - Get Together (Feat. Wingate)

Here is Choze & Wingates cover of the J*DaVeY song "Get Together" that premiered on their EP, Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes last christmas. We have alot more music on the way, be on the lookout for more tracks as well as remixes this week.

March 13, 2010

Young Artist For Haiti - Wavin Flag

K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag” is one of the standout tracks from his Troubadour album and has become something of a phenomenon thanks to its timely message of strength and solidarity. Now famed producer Bob Ezrin has brought together top Canadian performers for Young Artists for Haiti, and the group’s rendition of the song takes it to new heights. Performers include K’naan, Nikki Yanofsky, Justin Bieber, Jim Cuddy, Emily Haines, Hedley, The Arkells, Drake, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Jully Black, Sam Roberts, Kardinal Offishall, and more.

Apple, the labels, and the artists are donating their share of the proceeds to the Free The Children, World Vision, and War Child charities.
Shouts to YHTN


Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Chiddy Bang Remix)

The philly group hit us off with this remix from their upcoming album "Air Swell"

March 12, 2010

Diggy Simmons - Made You Look

I had my doubts but i can't deny it this kid can spit.

March 11, 2010

Hollywood F.L.O.S.S: Inside The Mind Interview

I dig this new interview Hollywood F.L.O.S.S interview and I feel like everyone needs to really appreciate the work Hailmegatron does on his Inside the Mind Interviews. He puts out some really detailed stuff. Check it out.
So this is an interview I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’m a huge fan of Hollywood Floss and he reached out to me for an interview which I thought was pretty cool. And guess what? The questions are different this time! He wanted different questions and he got them. But enough about that.
More about Hollywood Floss.
Hollywood Floss is a rapper out of Houston and, honestly, if you haven’t heard of him you’re sleeping under a rock. He’s produced Art Or Fiscal Intelligence and The Xperiments! which was hosted by myself and The Hip Hop Effect. He is preparing for his LP release House Of Dreams and a shot at SXSW (which Megatron might be appearing at… not sure just yet). So if you’re not hip to Hollywood Floss, you should get his music at his Bandcamp page and get familiar REAL quick. So… without further a do… Hollywood Floss, you have the floor.
- Mega
Read The Interview

March 10, 2010

M1 Platoon - DMV Rock (Prod. 9th Wonder)

DMV Rock Cover Art
This track is something you can really rock to. I think you'll dig this. The DMV style is something that takes some of the plainness of the south and the skill of the north.. How could you not bump that?

<a href="">DMV Rock by Metro Kids</a>

About M1 Platoon:
A love jones for hip-hop is all it took to bring these "newtypes" together- Chopps, Vaughn Garcia, Scoopay, and Sean Diesel as M1 Platoon. Though they have been making their trademark as unorthodox, way out the box rappers in Washington, D.C. all throughout high school, it wasn't until their move to pursue higher learning in NC where things took a better turn with results. M1 moved down south to N.C. Central University where they met Grammy Award winning producer and former NCCU Hip Hop Initiative instructor, 9th Wonder. The platoon quickly took to "uncle 9th" as their mentor, mastering their craft in music production (Vaughn Garcia) and crisp lyricism. During their time in NC, M1 released their debut mixtape titled M1 Invasion, which was followed by two other releases from the We Not Them series, Part 1 & 2. M1 has also had the pleasure of opening up and sharing the stage with: Little Brother, 9th Wonder, Murs, Evidence (Dilated Peoples), Sean Price (Heltah Skeltah) Jean Grae, Chaundon, Skyzoo, Torae, Jozeemo, Median, L.E.G.A.C.Y. and Kooley High. Currently, M1 is currently wrapping up material for their two upcoming releases, Illest In America- which will consist all original content, and Rippin' They Sh*t- which will consist of freestyles over industry beats.

Rhymefest Fails in the Studio w/ Just Blaze

I have NEVER seen any artist admit to a fail like this.. we all know it happens to everybody though.

Eustace - Asylum of a Lost Soul

From what I've heard (which is about 3 tracks), he's got some work to do. Lyrically, he's got some progress to make, but his flow and timing is all intact and the man shows promise with his production. Gotta admire the rapper/producer combo. Anyways, we've got some info and a bandcamp stream below.
Pennsylvania's own Eustace recently completed his first five track EP entitled "Asylum of a Lost Soul" produced completely by him. This record is a warm up for Eustace whats to come over the next couple months for his "2010: A Journey Into Space" mixtape which is slated for a summer release and hosted by VEKTORRRR. He would truly appreciate any feedback on this conceptual EP that is nothing like what is coming from the online music industry... For direct conversation: @vektor3

<a href="">Nothing Less by Eustace</a>

Strick 9 - Pick Ya Poison II

Strick 9:
Strick 9's 2nd installment of the "Pick Ya Poison" series is out today March 9th, 2010. Presented by and, this tape is packed with Exclusives, Remix's and even a serious track here and there....I guess you have to Pick Ya Poison. Ft. the likes of his own EMS crew including M-Dot, Revalation, Kore and more...Strick 9 brings to you "Pick Ya Poision II" the Mixtape.
DOWNLOAD: MegaUpload || DepositFiles || SendSpace

Kevin Hart Releases His First Ever Rap Video...

TECHNICALLY its hip hop related... don't judge me.

Choze & JustNice - Drive Remix (Feat. Brey Quick)

Below we have the 3rd leak from Respect Earned: The Remixes. This is a remix to Choze & JustNice's drive record featuring Brey Quick. Previously we dropped 2 tracks that came from the original track The Upperhand (JustNice, Choze & QuESt) off Respect Earned called The Upperhand Remix & Fear (Feat. QuESt). This is the next project on deck after Talentine, which was released on Valentines Day. Respect Earned: The Remixes are 2 weeks away, presented by Sound Society and mixed by yours truly.


Threatz - I'm Beaming

@Threatz goes in on @LupeFiasco's I'm Beaming record as he returns from his extended hiatus from making music, most often referred to as college life. Enjoy!

March 9, 2010

B.o.B - Nothing On You (feat. Bruno Mars)

Lovin this track right now! B.o.B. is back with that super smooth shit.

Kidz In The Hall: Shameless Drops

Bobby Creekwater - Exhibit B.C.

Via Bobby Creekwater
To the fans, I’d like to say that your support enables me to go a mile on days when I feel like I can’t move an inch. And I solemnly swear that as long as I receive that support I will keep kickin’ the industry in the ass…with a size 12 Timberland boot…HARD!!! With that said, we at BGOV bring you balance...Partake!
Check his latest mixtape, Back 2 Briefcase 2: The B-Side below
  1. Welcome
  2. Exhibit B.C.
  3. New Shit
  4. Just My Thoughts
  5. Man Of The People
  6. Pursuit Of Greatness
  7. P.K. Talking Shit
  8. Elevatin’
  9. Dear Ghetto
  10. Beginning Of The End
  11. Fin

March 8, 2010

Nipsey Hussle - The Hussle

DO NOT sleep on the dude Nipsey he stays killin everything

Shad Interview

The Come Up Show caught up with one of my personal favourite artists to discuss the new album, and those who inspire him, aswell as checking out one of his shows.

March 7, 2010

Reflection Eternal - In This World [Video]

First single from the highly anticipated collaboration album "Revolutions Per Minute" dropping April 6th!

Chiddy Bang Fresh 64 Freestyle

Chiddy stays killin

Video(s) Of The Day: Mr. Chi City

If you are presently unaware of the hilariousness that is Mr. Chi City. First of all, shame on you and second of all, you need to get caught up. The first video above is his "Never before done" McDonald's adventure and below is his best work ever, The Mr. Chi City Christmas giveaway. So crazy... check it out.

March 6, 2010

Illdoctrine: Lyricism and Capitalism

Flocka! *Inserts Sarcasm* The original incident is below

Hollywood F.L.O.S.S: Naztradamas DVD Interview

Hollywood F.L.O.S.S. doing a few of the things that he does best... 1.) Selling himself & 2.) Freestyling. Shoutout to Naztradamas DVD for doing the interview. House of Dreams coming soon.

UNI - Lately [Teaser]

J*DaVeY - Get Together [Video]

Los - All The Way Turned Up

March 5, 2010

Blu - Amnesia

Blu please hit us with a new project asap!

Wale vs. Skip Bayless: Jay-Z The G.O.A.T.?

Mickey Factz: Rhymes & Reason Ep. 4

Watch Episode 4 Inside

Kidz In The Hall - Flickin (Nick Catchdubs x Proper Villains Remix)

Wow this track bumps VERY hard. The production on this remix is pretty crazy and the flow was just perfect. Great job by Nick Catchdubs & Proper Villians. I haven't seen the name Nick Catchdubs since Wale's 100 Miles & Runnin so its good to see his name pop up again. Here's a word from Catchdubs

Nick Catchdubs:
I first met Kidz right before their debut album was coming out, and we've remained friends ever since. Double 0 and I have always talked about collaborating on something one day, and with the sound of 'Flickin' and the overall vibe of their new album the timing was finally right. The goal was initially just to come up with a cool track for DJs, but the remix took on a life of its own - watching them perform it live on the Crowd Control tour has been amazing!

M-Dot - Shut Down (Ft. Krumb Snatcha) (Produced By DJ Don Chito)

Via M-Dot
The Massachusetts duo M-Dot (EMS/Wolves) & Krumb Snatcha (Gangstarr Foundation/Wolves/Wu-Tang Management) are back at it again with the new single "Shut Down" Look out for a joint cd from the two coming soon! Here's the first taste off that upcoming effort.

J*DaVeY - Get Together (Teaser)

March 4, 2010

Wingate - Alien Family

Today we have Wingate (one half of Tru Quality), coming through to bring you Alien Family, an unreleased track from the making of Collect n' Cool, which dropped in the summer of 2009. I really dig this track, its calm and is some real smooth music. You know you dig the homie's style. We've got more tracks on the way in the near future.


Famous - I Wanna Know Your Name (Feat. Oh!) (Supervice Remix)

Via Famous
Here is the OFFICIAL REMIX for "I Wanna Know Your Name" feat. Oh! (produced by Supervice)! I decided to take it to the club with this one. The feedback has been great thus far. Thanks to all the DJs who have already been showing love! Video comes out March 16th (take a peek below for some stills) and make sure you follow me on Twitter @thekidfamous for all the instant updates.


Frank Ramz – Quick Strike

Its been a minute since ive heard anything from dude so i was relieved to hear this right here. Frank hits us off with this quick freestyle over Lloyd Banks "Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley" beat and hints at whats to come soon.

March 3, 2010

DOX - The Greatest

Here is some brand new DOX for all you people who have been waiting to here from the dude again. It seems like he's been gone for a little bit but he's back and he's picking up right where he left off. You know how he does.

B.O.B. - Gladiators Ft. J.Cole

These two stay killin everything lately. This is no exception.


Little Brother - Curtain Call

Rapper Pooh
Rapper Big Pooh and Phonte will be releasing their fourth and final album, LeftBack, on April 20th. It'll definately be a day of mixed feelings. Needless to say, they've had a great run together and I'm looking forward to what they have in store for the future.


Buggs Tha Rocka - Call Me

So basically, this cat Buggs is nice. Usually I don't go for artist who html code their mail (Its a blogger thing). But this time, I gave it a chance. This guy definately has some talent. Apparently  this is the last track on his latest mixtape Mutant Level 5 The Prelude. I'll definitely post the mixtape if it lives up to this song right here. I'll include the Buggs's bio under the track so you can get to know him better.

<a href="">Call Me by Buggs Tha Rocka</a>

Via Cherchez La Shabazz
About Buggs Tha Rocka: In a era when commercial rap has completely taken over the masses, Buggs Tha Rocka continues to drop lyrics of jewels and fight for his spot of relevance. Recently breaking out of a seven month hiatus, Cincinnati’s Buggs Tha Rocka answers the call of duty and returns to hip-hop. In January 2009, Buggs gained the likes of DJ Don Cannon and earned a position on his Cool Guys Always Finish First mixtape with his highly demanded track, "Get Away," which features NC hip-hop duo, Little Brother. Shortly after, Buggs teamed up with DJ Mick Boogie for his critically acclaimed Hip-Hop Supa Hero mixtape. Shortly after, He has also shared the stage with fellow hip-hop acts: The Cool Kids, Wale, Redman, Method Man, Tanya Morgan, Little Brother, Big Sean and Colin Munroe.

MDoTV: Episode 3

Via MDot
The third installment of MDoTV! Clips of M-Dot touring through California, Nevada, Milwaukee, Maryland, Dorchester, Philadelphia & more. Also clips from radio interviews with M-Dot, and moments in the studio.

JustNice - Championship Champagne (ft Freck Billionaire)(Prod by Tru Dat)

Lancaster's own, JustNice (@JustNiceLIFE) links up with CBL/Desert Storm/and Fabolous Street Family Freck Billionaire on this record "Championship Champagne." Its produced by up and coming producer Tru Dat, most of you have seen him working with both Choze & JustNice on Respect Earned. This record is a warm up for Just Nice "Now Thats Nice Vol 1" mixtape which is slated for the summer and hosted by DJ Nice. Feel free to hit up JustNice as he appreciates any feedback via direct conversations twitter.

B.o.B - The Making of Nothin' On You (ft. Bruno Mars)

Kidz In The Hall - Out To Lunch (Feat. The Kid Daytona)

New Kidz In The Hall, via MAC Media and the man Matt Conaway. The Land of Make Believe album will be in stores March 9th. Their Crowd Control Tour is currently underway, so you can check the dates on when they'll be in your city here.  


March 2, 2010

Domer - Bohemian Rap CD

This project is dope. The originality is off the charts and the difficulty! Wow, a whole mixtape based off of 1 song? Its crazy. My favorites are Leave You All Behind & Mama Mia but be sure to pick your favorite. Shout out to Mark from on the email.

Via FreeIceCream
Bohemian Rap CD brings together some of FreeIceCream's biggest talents in one fun-filled theme album. Domer skillfully remixed the Queen classic into six banging beats, which were then turned over to five of our favorite Almost Fameless alumni. Jake Lefco, illspokinn, Ryan-O'Neil, Kats, and Domer all appear on each of the six tracks, and the result is possibly our favorite album in the history of FreeIceCream. Enjoy!

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