March 10, 2010

Eustace - Asylum of a Lost Soul

From what I've heard (which is about 3 tracks), he's got some work to do. Lyrically, he's got some progress to make, but his flow and timing is all intact and the man shows promise with his production. Gotta admire the rapper/producer combo. Anyways, we've got some info and a bandcamp stream below.
Pennsylvania's own Eustace recently completed his first five track EP entitled "Asylum of a Lost Soul" produced completely by him. This record is a warm up for Eustace whats to come over the next couple months for his "2010: A Journey Into Space" mixtape which is slated for a summer release and hosted by VEKTORRRR. He would truly appreciate any feedback on this conceptual EP that is nothing like what is coming from the online music industry... For direct conversation: @vektor3

<a href="">Nothing Less by Eustace</a>