June 30, 2009

Inverse - So Far (VIDEO)

Inverse - So Far from Donlee Brussel on Vimeo.

Consequence - Whatever You Want (feat. Kanye West & John Legend)

Damn. Can not wait for his album, I definitely enjoyed his last one.

Download/Stream Here

Beatwize - Nas Is Like [Bach Remix]

Off of the upcoming Beatwize album Classical State of Mind Check out what he has to say about it:

"The single off of my upcoming album entitled "Classical State of Mind". In this album, as you will see in the song, I will be sampling classical music from composers like Bach and Mozart and remixing classic Nas tracks such as this one. Hope you enjoy it!"
Download/Stream Here

Internet Goon Presents: Summer With The Goons

Major late pass, since my internet was shot to hell for the past couple of weeks I wasnt able to post this. However, its here now, and it features a bunch of incredible rappers, and you should definitely check it out.


1. Internet Goon- iGoon’s Intro
2. Revalation-Let’s Take It Back
3. D. Julien-Sinister Keys
4. Homeboy Sandman-Sand Be The Broham
5. M-Dot-Shout Out
6. M-Dot-Another Woman
7. J. Nolan-I Don’t Wanna Hear It
8. Mouse-Like I’m Posed To Be
9. Internet Goon-Internet Goon
10. Mike Classic-Intoxicated
11. Nov Ganon-Labels
12. Black Table Committee-Fly Than A Muhfucka
13. Revalation ft. Bobby B-What 2 Say
14. Lyriciss-Give Em A Show
15. Jasiri X-Here After
16. Homeboy Sandman-Everyday Love
17. M-Dot-Sluts
18. RoTone-Shout Out
19. E.A.R.T.H ft. TIE-Sexin’ After Textin’
20. S-Caliber ft. Nate Landers-Hey Hollywood
21. Prezzure-Lonely Dayz
22. Wax-Summer In The City
23. Outro
24. Internet Goon Freestyle


Royce Da 5′9″ - Gun Harmonizing (prod. Emile)

The intro track to Royce's The Revival EP. Shout outs to 2DopeBoyz for the linkage.

Download/Stream Here

June 29, 2009

Drake - Think Good Thoughts (Featuring Elzhi & Phonte)

(Not So) New Drizzy. The track was on Comeback Season (his best tape imo) and it was unfinished. Now you get to hear the finished product, and they all do their thing. 9th Wonder kills the production.

Download/Stream Here

D. Julien - Baby It’s Over

New D.Julien, his mixtape Live, Love, Learn is dropping July 1st. You can be sure to check that out here.

Download/Stream Here

June 28, 2009

Michael Jackon Earth Song (M.Will Remix)

An (Extremely Dope) dedication to the late Michael Jackson

Download/Stream Here

Beatwize - The Blank Tapes Vol. 1: Where's the BlendMaster?!

Where's the blendmaster?!?! Oh wait, he's here and you can catch him over here too. this dropped awhile ago but I wasnt able to post it (sorry), but now you can catch it here on Sound Society. Plus I(Really Beatwize) added a stream, so HA!

The Blank Tapes Vol. 1: Wheres the BlendMaster?!

MAJOR LATE PASS: Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives Trailer

NAS & DAMIAN "JR GONG" MARLEY DISTANT RELATIVES preview from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Lupe Fiasco - L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto

Shout outs to WFSL!

To Every Man, Woman & Child…
1. We Want An End To The Glamorization Of Negativity In The Media.
2. We Want An End To Status Symbols Dictating Our Worth As Individuals.
3. We Want A Meaningful And Universal Education System.
4. We Want Substance In The Place Of Popularity.
5. We Will Not Compromise Who We Are To Be Accepted By The Crowd.
6. We Want The Invisible Walls That Separate By Wealth, Race & Class To Be Torn Down.
7. We Want To Think Our Own Thoughts.
8. We Will Be Responsible For Our Environment.
9. We Want Clarity & Truth From Our Elected Officials Or They Should Move Aside.
10. We Want Love Not Lies.
11. We Want An End To All Wars. Foreign & Domestic (Violence).
12. We Want An End To The Processed Culture Of Exploitation, Over-Consumption & Waste.
13. We Want Knowledge, Understanding & Peace.

Lasers are the opposite of losers. Lasers are shining beams of light that burn through the darkness of ignorance. Lasers shed light on injustice and inequality. Losers stand by and let things happen. Lasers act and shape their own destinies. Lasers find meaning and direction in the mysteries all around them. Lasers stand for love and compassion. Lasers stand for peace. Lasers stand for progression. Lasers are revolutionary.

Lasers Are The Future.

We’re Not Losers…We Are L.A.S.E.R.S.!!!

Love Always Shines Every-time Remember 2 Smile!

-Lupe Fiasco

Revalation - The Push Back Mixtape

A brief descriptionof the tape:

So it's finally here. I present to you "The Push Back" Mixtape. A collection of older, unreleased, and collaborative material put together to make one BANGIN' mixtape. I took a long time arranging and picking out tracks and didn't just throw this together because I wanted the listener to get a unique feel to what's to come on "The Revalation Will Be Televised" Mixtape droppin' late summer/early fall. The Push Back Mixtape features my crew EMS (M-Dot, Mayhem), also artists like Grime Tha MC (of The Camp), XL (of the Kreators), my other crew the Mic Murderers, and more....Beats from Kenshin & DJ Jean Maron (who's worked with Termanology, Reks, Akrobatik, etc.), just to name a couple. Here is the precursor to my next mixtape so I hope you enjoy and if you love real Hip-Hop, be on the look out for the Free Album Revalation & Catalyst - Killa Tape 09 coming July 4th, 2009!!! Thank you for your effort and support.


Choze - Reflection

New Choze for yall, its called Reflection. And as the title would guess its a very reflective track, you get to zone out with him as you listen.

Download/Stream Here

QuESt & DJ RTC - There’s Only One Month Left

Theres Only One Moth Left until Broken Headphones!!


June 24, 2009

Revelation x2

2 new tracks from Revelation, look out for his mixtape, dropping this friday. Looking forward to it myself.
Diarrhea of the Mouth (D.O.M.) - (Over De La Soul's "RokKokaneFlow)
When Your Blood Runs Cold - (Over Cam'Ron's "Down & Out")

Unreleased Damu Beat From 2004

New unrealeased Damu! Ha, now thats a good look. (Sorry, for the lack of updates though)

Download/Stream Here

June 19, 2009

Wale & 9th Wonder - Back to the Feature

About god damn time for this to drop. Its not like he promised it April 29th or anything, right? Silly me, its free music, so I guess its all good, now lets see if it lives up to the hype.


Sene - The Trade (Prod. by Emay)

New Sene!!! this was shot over to me today, and is produced by Emay. The beat is great, and its Sene, so do you expect anything less than a Grade-A performance?

Download/Stream Here

June 18, 2009

ThreatZ - Cinderella Girl (Feat. Oh!)[Prod. By Oh!]

New ThreatZ! Produced by Oh! and features by Oh!, holla!...Im having a little bit too much fun with the exclamation points. haha.

Download/Stream Here

Emilio Rojas - Nothing Like It

Shout outs to Kevin Nottingham on the linkage, dope track by Emilio.

Download/Stream Here

Nefarious! - Rebirth of The Cool

You may have heard the name earlier because I posted his first beat tape ever made, which was pretty nice to me. A lot of soulful samples in there, this EP is just as good if not better than Crush Groovin' and if you doubt me, I have a stream.

<a href="http://nefarious.bandcamp.com/album/rebirth-of-the-cool">What Christmas Is All About by Nefarious!</a>Tracklist:
1.What Christmas Is All About
2.Hourglass (Timeless)
3.Arabian Crime (Stoned)
4.The Lo (Down)
5.Universe (The End)


Street Sweeper Social Club - 100 Little Curses

Never thought I would see this.

Sometimes I Wish I Had Wings...

...So I can pack up all my broken dreams and fly away

ThreatZ - 90 Til Infinity

Some New ThreatZ for y'all. He goes in over the Souls of Mischief classic and does his thing. Oh and did I mention Back To the Drawing Board coming soon!

Download/Stream Here

Beatwize - I Gotcha [Beatwize Blend] - Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell

Here is a leak off the upcoming Beatwize blend tape "The Blank Tapes Vol. 1: Where's the BlendMaster?!" It drops on What Feelings Sound Like June 30th, but you can also catch it right here.

Download/Stream Here

June 15, 2009

J.Cole - The Warm Up

It's Finally here! The highly anticipated mixtape The Warm Up by Roc Nation artist J.Cole is here! I am downloadin' now and will post my thoughts on it later, but this should be dope as hell.

1. Intro (The Warm Up)
2. Welcome
3. Can I Live*
4. Grown Simba
5. Just To Get By
6. Lights Please
7. Dead Presidents II
8. I Get Up
9. World Is Empty
10. Dreams ft. Brandon Hines
11. Royal Flush
12. Dollar and a Dream II
13. Water Break (Interlude)
14. Heartache**
15. Get Away
16. Knock Knock
17. Ladies ft. Lee Fields and The Expressions
18. Til’ Infinity
19. The Badness ft. Omen
20. Hold It Down
21. Last Call

22. Losing My Balance

All Songs Written and Produced by J. Cole
* - Produced by Syience
** - Produced by Elite


June 13, 2009

Soul Assasins - Let Go (My Life) (Feat. Fashawn)

Fashawn hooks up with Soul Assassins to stay killin as usual.
Soul Assassins hits stores June 23rd! Shouts to OnSmash

Alchemist - Smile Ft. Twista & Maxwell

After seeing this i am so hyped for Alchemists newest release.
Chemical Warfare July 7th!

June 11, 2009

J.A.M.E.S. Watts - Shameless Promotion: The Games Needs J.A.M.E.S.

Wow, I really just slept on dude. I started bumping this today The Message Blog woke me the hell up. This mixtape is incredible, and if you on Sound Society that means you like great music, and this definitely is a MUST-Listen. haha

02.Wish You Were Here
03.Baby Daddy
04.Little Jimmy
05.Twist , Push
06.Trust Me
07.Young Generic Speaks
10.Game's Over
11.Georgie Porgie
12.All Alone
13.The Realest
14.Can't Let The Game
15.Traces Of Hope
16.Dream On

Wish You Were Here(Video, OBVIOUSLY):


Alphaghetto - Twenty Something EP

This EP is composed by Ryan Stinson, and Chapter Thrive, and together they are known as Alphaghetto. Ryan is the poducer, and Thrives is the MC. Here is what he had to say about the EP:

The Twenty Something EP is a concept album that takes all these experiences that are currently going on in our daily lives as Twenty something year olds (depression, picking up chicks at the bar, dinner parties etc.)
1 - Casual Touch feat. Lexington
2 - Keep the Feet Moving
3 - One Day at a Time
4 - Busy Signal
5 - Chip Lock
6 - Long Gone feat. Jamilynn Gubbe


June 10, 2009

Dasanto - The Answer

Some new Dasanto for y'al. He calls this one The Answer. Holla!

Download/Stream Here

June 9, 2009

Darren Anthony - The Restaurant (MixTape)

I honestly don't even know how I came across this tape. I think its because I'm Brittany Street's friend on facebook, and she commented on his D.O.A. Remix (which he killed), and I looked up his music. Holla at social networking!!!! But anyways, I read this and had to peep the tape(Plus it got Mick Boogie's co-sign):

A grueling 9 to 5 at ‘the Restaurant’ would never cut it; neither would a life of crime or being a fulltime student at Cuyahoga Community College, downtown Cleveland. Therefore in 2006 at the age of 19, young Darren Anthony made a decision that would change his life forever: take his final school loan check and put it back into what matters most – the music.
1. Lazy Monday Intro (prod. by Pro & Brave)
2. Waiting on a Interview (prod. by Pro & Brave)
3. The Unemployee (prod. by Pro & Brave)
4. The Restaurant (prod. by M. Stacks)
5. Same Shit, Different Day (prod. by Pro & Brave)
6. Young City (prod. by Phenom)
7. Get Cha Money Up (prod. by Phenom)
8. Fly Motherfucker (prod. by M. Stacks)
9. Space Cadet (prod. by Pro & Brave)
10. Cool Crazy Chill (prod. by Mr. Stay Crunk)
11. Do This Again (prod. by Mr. Stay Crunk)
12. Sex in the City (prod. by Chryss da Ruler)
13. Nowhere Fast (prod. by Pro & Brave)
14. Too Long ft. Nikki Nikita (prod. by Pro & Brave)
15. I Quit (prod. by M. Stacks)
16. Brand New Start (prod. by Pro & Brave)


J. Cole - Heartache

J.Cole is officially the best out right now. THAT INCLUDES EVERYONE

Download/Stream Here

Andrew Lewis - Can You Feel It?

New Andrew Lewis for y'all. Sleeping is forbidden on this guy. He is the future.

Download/Stream Here

J. Cole - iHipHop Interview (Video)

June 8, 2009

Nero - Rather Unique

The second installment of Alive & Vibrant: Propaganda. He goes in over AZ's Rather Unique. Oh and two Nero posts in a row? yea, this deserved its own post.

Download/Stream Here

Check Out Part 1: Here

Nero - Crack Distributors Radio Freestyle

Whats that you ask? Oh, thats a real freestyle by a rapper younger than you and better than you. haha.


Seriously, if you haven't peeped this. CHECK IT OUT.

Here are a few favorites:


A (Free) Album That You Should Definitely Peep

A great and free album that lives up to its title, it is truly Refreshing. It speaks to me personally on levels hat very few MCs ever have, especially Quentin's Theme. A must-listen.


  1. Refreshing
  2. Miss Memory
  3. Mass Appeal 2008 (Prod. By J Keys)
  4. My Hero
  5. Quentin’s Theme
  6. Speechless (Prod. By Convinced)
  7. La La La
  8. Cold World ft. Kynse
  9. In A Zone
  10. A New Love
  11. Just Live
  12. A Letter For You
  13. Got Dreams

Big Sean - Last For Life

Big Sean - Last For Life

This right here is my fave Big Sean record of all time. My boy Dmack told me to post it. I know it's old well not really but this is my fave joint and I wanted to post so here you are guys

June 7, 2009

Suhov - Lakótép

Suhov, a Hungarian producer shot this over to me ahile ago, and I just got to listening to it. Its filled with relaxing beats, and some very few tracks with actual lyrics on them.


1. Intro
2. I beat you
3. Tér (ft. joe)
4. érzékeli
5. A Propa Napalmot (ft. mocsi és csé)
6. Samplersample (karc dj globe)
7. Bebódúlt (karc dj globe)
8. At the Post
9. Igen Azt Is
10. Van Egy
11. Ismeretlen Szám
12. Tinilányok álma
13. Lakótép (ft. ask)
14. Mahass (ft. drap)
15. 11-00
16. Beatdrug
17. Végállomás (ft. töredék, do2, logbasan)
18. Ne (karc dj globe)
19. Outro
20. bonus-track: szereted-e még (ft. csè)


Blu - Lifted - The C.O.R.E. Mixtape [2006]

Thats not the cover, because I cant find the cover (if there is one) but I was just listening to this, and it just reminded me of how much a beast Blu really is. Check it out if you haven't heard it, I promise you, it will not disappoint. Shouts to 5 Mic Mic Hip Hop Club!


01 pearly gates
02 another day
03 the soul provider
04 party of two ft. aloe blacc & ginger jackson
05 back to basic's hip hop's alarm clock (wake up show interview may 2005)
06 stress off the chest
07 kool hercules ft. krs one
08 you're gonna die ft. exile
09 life is a gamble ft. treklife, donnel smokes & cashusking
10 sun in my face

ThreatZ - Too Strong

Some Old Skool ThreatZ for yall. Dropped in 2008, ThreaZ goes off. Give it a listen.


June 6, 2009

Choze - Kinda Like A Big Deal (Feat. Voice & Fly Ly)

New Choze for yall. Taking over the already dope single by the clipse, and making it even better. Tell me they didn't go off. Expect him on The Wake Up Call.

Download/Stream Here

Nero - Spaceship (Nitro In Effect Remix)

New exclusive off of Troy's album "...To The Beat".

Download/Stream Here

June 5, 2009

Ryan Perfect - Searching

Late pass. Shout outs to The Wave Club!

Download/Stream Here

D.Julien - Absolute Perfection

New D. Julien. Its of of his tape that will be dropping here July 1st.


Frank Ramz - "The Traitor"

Frank Ramz - "The Traitor"

Here we have my boy Frank Ramz with a new joint ya'll. Also a fellow emcee from the Bronx which means something to me. He already knows how I feel about the track so ya should check it out and feel for yourself. Even though I'm just getting up on dude, its better late than never you know, I just never realized there was talent out there like this especially in my borough so this crazy for me. But yeah, with no further ado just peep the track and July 3rd is when *Make The Road By Walking*, Ramz own Rendition of the Menahan Street Band album with the same title.

Blc Txt - Drop Tears

New Blc Txt!!!

Download/Stream Here