March 31, 2010

JansportJ: Five Days Until MoveMeants (Instrumental Album) Release!

Via JansportJ
Waddup World
The time is near for me to release my first solo project since 2009's American Gospel Jay-Z remix album. You guys have showed me tremendous support, and I truly appreciate it. Just wanted to warn you guys that I'll be sending out material once a day until the release date of April 5th, so PLEASE bare with me, and I promise to leave you alone for most of 2010!
This project is entitled MoveMeants and is an instrumental album that I've been working on for the past couple of months with Acrylick and LrgrThnLfe. With people asking here and there about the direction of the album, I decided to give insight to the album and the creation process via youtube. I'll be releasing a video a day until April 5th.