March 2, 2010

Domer - Bohemian Rap CD

This project is dope. The originality is off the charts and the difficulty! Wow, a whole mixtape based off of 1 song? Its crazy. My favorites are Leave You All Behind & Mama Mia but be sure to pick your favorite. Shout out to Mark from on the email.

Via FreeIceCream
Bohemian Rap CD brings together some of FreeIceCream's biggest talents in one fun-filled theme album. Domer skillfully remixed the Queen classic into six banging beats, which were then turned over to five of our favorite Almost Fameless alumni. Jake Lefco, illspokinn, Ryan-O'Neil, Kats, and Domer all appear on each of the six tracks, and the result is possibly our favorite album in the history of FreeIceCream. Enjoy!

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