March 30, 2010

Kemizt - The Vigil

@Kemizt has single handedly made my day, I've actually never heard of him and I'm surprised because he seems like one of those artist that are so well put together that I figured I'd be somewhat aware of him. However Kemizt seems like he's had experience putting together because this project is so interlaced with reflective tones and verses that connect with all the beats and the clips that he used. You NEED to download this! Please don't sleep on this guy. Below is a place to steam the mixtape as well as a bio on Kemizt via Cold July.
The 20 year old emcee, Kemizt, displays lyrical prowess and unmeasurable potential in every bar. Skillfully delivered lyrics are laid over compositions by great producers such as J Dilla & Nujabes (RIP), Kev Brown, Statik Selektah, Flying Lotus, etc. The most impressive matter is the wide range of creativity shown from song to song, each one vastly varying from the next. Concepts incorporate everything from relationships to personal struggles to the general consensus of the state of the game. Every track transcends into reality, bridging the gap between himself and the listener. Choosing a clear cut favorite on this mixtape is a very difficult feat in itself. This is a potential classic for any lover of Hip Hop.