May 31, 2009

TreaZon - Keep It Real

New Dragonball TreaZ. He returns with another track over "Say You Will". A few words from TreaZon:

"I didn't even wanna get on this joint. After hearing QuESt on it though, I knew I had to go in on it too. Breathe Life On 'Em 2, coming this August."
Download/Stream Here

XV - Now Look (Video)

New promo video for XV's new project Everbody's Nobody.

P.A. - Rhythmicism Blvd EP

Wow...I need a MAJOR late pass on this. I cam across P.A. while browsing Interviews on Kevin Nottingham's site. This guys flow is nothing less than incredible. Enough words. Check him out.


Introduction [Beat: lokid]
Rhythmicism Blvd [Beat: Chemist]
Cant Break [Beat: Chemist]
On The Road [Featuring: AZ, F.T. [Fuc That], ASN & Kiesha Shontelle] [Beat: Jansport J]
Still That Dude [Beat: Chain of Misery]
Flow Ave [Featuring: Baby Blak & Sha Stimuli] [Beat: Derelict]
The Mental [Beat: Sam Brown]
Outro [Beat: Soulful Mindz]


May 30, 2009

M. Will - A Journey Through Space And Time (Mixtape)

New mixtape by the young producer M. Will. has feautures from Termanology, Nero, QuESt, Oh!, Ryan Perfect and a few others. Give it a listen, its not like two tracks he produced held the top two spots on HipHop DX or anything.


1. Mad World ft. Nero
2. CuDi Spazzin (M.Will rmx) ft. Nero
3 Blue Light ft. TreaZon
4 Mind in Another World *instrumental*
5 Bright Lights, Big City ft. El Prez
6 Imagine ft. Amor Jones
7 Knowledge ft. D_Strange
8 Nothing iz Real ft. Termanology
9 Move On ft. QuESt and Oh!
10 The Return *Instrumental*
11 Coordinates Remix ft. Nero, Hassaan Mackey and Ryan Perfect


May 29, 2009

TreaZon - Houstatlantavegas

New Dragonball TreaZ!!! He goes in over Drake's Houstatlantavegas. Remember where you heard it first.

Download/Stream Here

Cold Legistics - Deeper Than You Think

This tape got recommended to yesterday, and I have to say I am impressed. Its a free instrumental EP, released by The Admiral. Its a smooth mix, and reminds me of Dilla, and the project is inspired by Madlib's Shades of Blue. Dont want to take my word for it? How about Kevin Nottinghams? Or Strictly Beats?


1. Dream
2. Sample Interlude
3. New Phenomenon
4. The Fourth Letter
5. The Dap Dip (Skit)
6. Soft Walking
7. Didn't Want To
8. Fox News
9. All I Ever Wanted
10. 2 Minute Break
11. What's Going On
12. Protect Your Investments
13. Watered Down
14. Deja Vu
15. Love
16. Traffic Interlude
17. Lost at Sea
18. Coming Home
19. Peace
20. I'm Gone

Choze – Room 222

Damn, I admit it. I slept. Yea, I can admit it but we all learn huh? Choze is nice, and you may recognize the name, because he was onQuESt's single Losing My Mind. A Bonus track is included too. Shout outs to The Wave Club!

Download/Stream Here

Bonus: Kinda Big Deal (Snippet)

May 28, 2009

M-Dot Interview

For those who missed it, M-Dot: M.oney D.oesnt O.wn T.hought (Mixtape)

M. Will - Nothing Iz Real (Feat. Termanology)

New M. Will. This yet another leak off of A Journey Through Space & Time. It will be dropping here on May 30th, look out for it.

Download/Stream Here

Kanye West - Paranoid (feat. Mr. Hudson)

May 27, 2009

M. Will - Bright Lights, Big City (Ft. El Prez)

Another leak liberated by the fam over at illRoots. Look out for he tape, its going to drop this Saturday.

Download/Stream Here

Charlie Hilton - Good Food (Mixtape)

New tape from the producer Charlie Hilton. Presented by 2Dopeboyz. Features from QuESt, XV, Frank Ramz, and brandUn deShay.


QuESt - I Will

New QuESt mayne, what you think of the track? This is off his promo mixtape There's Only One Month Left. Word on the street is that there are features from TreaZon, XV, and Nero.

Download/Stream Here

Jake One - Home

Featuring Vitamin D, Note, Maneak B and Ish

May 26, 2009

Wake Up! The XV Edition

Yo, I was listening to XV today, I have been a fan of dude since his 40 Days, 40 Nights. Like dude stays making quality tracks, and people still sleep. Below I have provided sreams to a few of my favorite XV tracks. If you want to cop these tapes just visit his myspace.

Walk-In Closet
Uptown Freestyle
V For Vendetta
Whattup Swizzy
Everything Is Cool
The Questions (Feat. Mickey Factz)

I was listening to him today, and this dude said:
"I'm out for R-E-S-P-E-C-T and franklins like Aretha"

QuESt - Must Be Bars

New QuESt track for y'all, off of Broken Headphones. Im loving this production. Shout outs to 2DopeBoyz on the link

Download/Stream Here

Kavemura - Overlook (Instrumental tape)

Dopeness from Italy! Yea, Im on an instrumental binge as of lately, but check this tape out real smooth, nice beats from Kavemura. Show him some love too at his blog. Shout outs to Strictly Beats for the original drop on this.

Cold Rain
Hang On
Hell Yeah
Lagoon meets Mezen
Venice Interlude

Grab it for free here.
Show the man some love, while you're at it.

May 25, 2009

Dasanto - Flying Boat

Some new Dasanto for y'all. Dont sleep on the kid, dude has talent. Look out for his next mixtape Flying Boat, It will be dropping here.

Download/Stream Here

CurT@!n$ - Black Folks

Dert Floyd - Westside Of The Moon

Yea, another Dert instrumental tape for y'all. Its just as great as talk strange but this time he samples Pink Floyd. Since this is just a beat mix, all the tracks are untitled but they are still really good.


May 24, 2009

J. Slikk - Separation Anxiety (the Instrumental LP)

A real soulful, 17 track free LP by J. Slikk. The whole LP has a real soulful vibe to it, and I have been listening to it for quite awhile now. Shout outs to Strictly Beats for throwing this up.

Unfortunately, I dont have the tracklist but trust me its worth the download.


Dert - Talk Strange

In recent times, I have only been listening to instrumental tapes lately (minus a few others). This is one of them, Dert is a phenomenal producer and he makes this tape sampling Bjork, and it is incredible. Take my word for it, you will not be disappointed. If you want I can post his other instrumental album The Westside of The Moon, sampling Pink Floyd.


01 skip. the intro
02 funky new world
03 dert is full of love
04 aurora jolie
05 it’s oh so loud!
06 neon strings
07 on the hunt
08 it’s for…
09 aqueous
10 venus morning
11 dark currents
12 flashback
13 the anchor beat
14 generosity
15 dert is out of love
16 downtown living
17 amphibious
18 unraveled

Download Here

May 23, 2009

D. Julien - Sinister Keys

New D.Julien for y'all. Its called Sinister Keys and he rips. The track is produced by King I Divine.


BONUS: News Update On D.Julien's Next Poject

Briana Latrise – Letter To My Man

The chick that punched Hamilton. Any reason to post that picture.

"Sonic meets Knuckles"

Download/Stream Here

May 22, 2009

ThreatZ - Jazzy Belle

Sound Society exclusive. ThreatZ goes in over Outkast. Enoug words.


The Black Sunn - Born Alone, Die Alone (Mixtape)

A Word from Black Sunn:

So, this is the project that Mydus & I have been working on for the past two months..It's something that I'm proud I can say we finished because from my view I put everything into every lyric I wrote down & spit for it..& that's simply because Mydus brought beats to the table that were just insane, it was impossible not to.. I want to show the world that Baltimore has a voice that's more than just drug dealing and murder..some people may not like that but I'm not one to hold back what I gotta say..So I'm asking you to download this and if you enjoy it, give it to someone else who you believe would love it too..& just keep it movin'..That's all I ask..I hope you enjoy what we've brought to the world..


Saigon - Change Gon Come

New Saigon! Havent heard much from him since is album with Statik Selektah.

Download/Stream Here

May 21, 2009

Wale - Hot Shyt // Gotta Be Magic

Wale - Hot Shyt (Ft. Peedi Crakk, Black Thought, Tuphace & Young Chris)
Wale - Gotta Be Magic

Song Of The Day

I have been listening to this album A LOT lately, along with those ThreatZ & Beatwize tapes. This album is gorgeous, every time I listen to the samples, the mellow vibes, and Exile's mixing the album just makes a lot more sense to me. Its not just an instrumental album, its a masterpiece composed by Exile. Below I provided a stream to my personal favorite track off of the album. Check it out:

San Pedro Cactus

May 20, 2009

Evidence & Fashawn - 101Barz Freestyle (Video)

Evidence and Fashawn BODIED!


Beatwize - X, Y, J-Z (Featuring Jay-Z & Coldplay)

Finally that new Beatwize album is here. Beatwize composes a masterpiece featuring Jay-Z and Coldplay. Give it a listen, and look out for more Beatwize exclusives dropping here. Dont forget to read the README after you cop it.

Download Here

May 19, 2009

ThreatZ - The Breaking Point (Mixtape)

Finally folks, its here! The mixtape we have been backing since forever, ThreatZ drops The Breaking Point. DO NOT get caught sleeping on kid. ThreatZ has graciously provided us with a stream too.

The Breaking Point


Y Society - "Same Beat" 12inch

Here is what Damu had to say:

OK, here's the Same Beat project I mentioned last week. Like Damu said last time, the price should be famiar... Let us know what you think. You can download the audio via the bandcamp page or the player below. As a backup, you can also download the grab the zip file here (3mp3s, front/back covers). The videos for this one are streaming on vimeo (better quality) and if anyone NEEDS the mp4s for their iphones/ipods, lemme know and i'll take care of you.
Download HERE

May 18, 2009

J. Cole - Dead Presidents II

New J. Cole, if you are a listener of his music you know that J. Cole already rapped over Dead Presidents, but he goes in over this one definitely. The Warm Up is dropping June 1st, and I seriously shake my head at anyone who sleeps on J. Cole

Download/Stream Here

May 17, 2009

The Black Sunn - The Mellow (prod. by Mydus)

New Black Sunn! Its Produed by Mydus, and Black Sunn does his thing, look out for his new project, dropping here SOON.

Download/Stream Here

Damu The Fudgemunk - Overtime (Free Album)

No late pass on this one, I have been aware of it for quite awhile, I just dont know why I never posted it. If you haven't heard of Damu, then by all means stop reading and download this NOW. His mixing, and beats are only rivaled by Exile.


1. Overtime
2. Puttin’ In Work
3. Pulse (Official Mix)
4. What’s Next (Early Mix)
5. Now Generation
6. Colorful Storms (Official Mix)
7. LB (Extended Mix)
8. Summer 2004
9. Paranoid Remix (Instrumental Version)
10. How Many Of Us (Extended Mix)
11. Soul Brother Number 3 (Damu’s 3 a.m. Freestyle)

Children of The Night - 100%

Another late pass. I believe this is is the first mixtape by the NYC group, Children of The Night. This joint is mad smooth, and I always listen to it from front to back. Here is what Flawless Hustle had to say about the tape:

This mixtape project comes to us from the Children of the Night based out of NYC. The 100% Mixtape is the joint ya’ll. The production knocks something ferocious & lyrically these emcee’s can hold their own and in some cases shine greater than some of the talent that’s out there today. The crew goes in over a reimagined “electric relaxation” on the track “100%” which is fly as hell. This 14 track banger is one of those mixtapes you can sit back and listen to from start to end. There’s maybe one track that I’m not crazy about but that’s not bad at all considering the types of projects that hit shelves these days.


Song of The Day

Has been on repeat all day

May 16, 2009

Random - TeacherRapperHero: The Random Mixtape Volume 1

Random is also a middle school teacher as well as hip-hop scholar and gamer, best known for the Mega Ran series, 2 fun video game themed albums featuring samples from the classic 8-Bit Mega Man video games. The albums have collectively amassed over 10,000 downloads and is officially endorsed by international gaming corporation Capcom -

<a href="">TeacherRapperIntro (produced by DN3) by Random (Mega Ran)</a>

Stream It Here
Download It Here

iLLiad - Happy New Year

A (Not So New) mixtape by the homie iLLiad. This was a mixtape he dropped premiering some of his best beats over the year 2008. Give it a listen, it has features TreaZon, Achillez, remixes that include Mos Def, and Nas. If you want to contact iLLiad or download more of his works just click his name. I have the instrumental for the bonus track included in the tracklist as well.


01 - Think Twice
02 - We Do It
03 - End Your Existance
04 - Summer Flyness
05 - Art of War
06 - Cant Wait Remix
07 - Travelin Man Remix
08 - Feel The High Remix
09 - Surviving The Times Remix
10 - Happy New Year

May 15, 2009

M-Dot - M.oney D.oesnt O.wn T.hought

FINALLY! That new mixtape from M-Dot is finally here, and its fire. There is are appearances by Termanology, Rev, Singapore Kane, and Trademarc. DO NOT SLEEP. (Btw, that song Boston is my shit, I wonder why....). Tracklist below.


Eminem - Infinite (Free Download)

Eminem released his rare debut album Infinite for free download yesterday. I have my own personal reasons to why he released it, but I'm just going to keep that to myself. shout outs to 2DopeBoyz for the drop.

Download Here

May 14, 2009

Troy - 2008 (Free Album)

Although the album “Troy” has yet to be released, underground Boombox Union member Troy is prepared to release yet another instrumental album tonight called “2008,” an album based on the night time, a theme that has always been Troy's sweet spot...


01) Who Am I?
02) Got You Singing (Intro)
03) Brooklyn (Instrumental)
04) uBelieve
05) Broadway
06) Alone
07) Such An Angel (Hip Hop Mix)
08) Destiny/Dream
09) Brain (Remix)
10) Body Movin (Remix)
Download Here

HiCLAS - The Masked Crusader (Prod. By Davin of 31st Century)

Some new HiCLAS for y'all. Dont worry, the re-release for The Unidentified is coming out very soon.

Download/Stream Here

Someone Body This Beat

Cookin’ Soul has decided to let loose the instrumental to Jabari’s single. Now XV did do his thing on the beat, but I wanna see if someone can do better. Here is the instrumental.

Download/Stream Here