March 9, 2010

Bobby Creekwater - Exhibit B.C.

Via Bobby Creekwater
To the fans, I’d like to say that your support enables me to go a mile on days when I feel like I can’t move an inch. And I solemnly swear that as long as I receive that support I will keep kickin’ the industry in the ass…with a size 12 Timberland boot…HARD!!! With that said, we at BGOV bring you balance...Partake!
Check his latest mixtape, Back 2 Briefcase 2: The B-Side below
  1. Welcome
  2. Exhibit B.C.
  3. New Shit
  4. Just My Thoughts
  5. Man Of The People
  6. Pursuit Of Greatness
  7. P.K. Talking Shit
  8. Elevatin’
  9. Dear Ghetto
  10. Beginning Of The End
  11. Fin