October 28, 2009

Brey Quick - From The Heart [Mixtape + Review]

Brey Quick is an up and coming rapper from out of North Carolina. He's had a few works circulating the underground including Brey Season, a much larger project that was constructed in the spring and early summer months. This newest project is a much smaller effort (10 tracks), in which Brey excercises his flows over a bunch of classic beats, with some being much more known than others.


Originality – 7/10
The originality of Brey’s songs were somewhat different in the sense that they didn’t focus on the typical tired subjects of being hood, being the best, denouncing haters or getting money. But the fact that we’ve heard these beats many times and Brey did not re-invent many choruses as artist often do to add originality to the song, hurts him. Also a mixtape of only 10 tracks gives him much less to work with, which drags brey down to a solid 7.

Lyrics/Delivery – 8.5/10
The lyrics varied from song to song. Sometimes Brey gave me some crazy lyrics like in “Relax Girl” that would prompt me to give him a 9 for its vivid storyline and flawless delivery. However there were songs like “My Way” that gave me lyrics that I would rate at an 8 for its predictability. Overall, Brey’s lyrical skill settles in at a solid 8.5

Concepts – 8.5/10
The real question of this mixtape is did Brey connect with the listeners?, because that seems to be the overall goal for this mixtape. He chose familiar beats to help usher the process and a short tracklist to help maintain everyone's focus. The subjects varied and Brey never strayed from some refreshing self-evaluation. The reminiscence of it all is real and keeps the mixtape feeling a lot more fresh as I cycle through the tracks. I think Brey established a personal connection between his listeners and himself, but there is still room from improvement.

OVERALL – 8.0/10
This is not a milestone of a mixtape, however it is a big step in gaining a more consistent fan base on Brey Quick's part. This mixtape surely shows the potential that Brey has lyrically. Its may very well become a stepping stone for him to create a much more in depth project that will propel him far into the music business as a both original and powerful lyricist.


Anonymous said...

Brey Quick is from NORTH CAROLINA not Houston. I listen to "From The Heart" EVERY DAY!

Anonymous said...

This is a really good Review! I think BREY QUICK GOT NEXT out of NC. He is not the regular "Rapper" He actually TALKS ABOUT REAL SHIT! BIG UPS BREY QUICK! KEEP IT UP MAN!

Anonymous said...

I fuck with this dude! I need MORE LINKS TO HIS MUSIC! WHERE CAN I FIND???

Natac said...

Yea that was definately an error on my part because I know he's from North Carolina. I dont know why I wrote houston but we got the fix now. Brey is on to something tho. He's nice and he's got a good future. If he added a little more structure to the mixtape it could have been a 8.5 or a 9.0 You can find more Brey at http://twitter.com/Brey_Quick He's got Brey Season. Its pretty dope too and its from 09 so its nothing too dated. I'd recommend both joints, brey got real potential

Anonymous said...

Im glad to see someone from NC do their thing! Im sure he will be just as good as J. Cole! Both are GREAT representatives for NC! NOT JUST THE HOOD GANGSTER TRAP RAP.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to "From The Heart" Homie got crazy flow..I aint gonna lie.. Hope he keeps rapping! is he a producer too?

Anonymous said...

I really like this mix tape! You all should download more! I can't stop listening! Keep it coming! :)

BreyQuick said...

ok so this mixtape is brilliant>>>> this kid is whitty, clever, talented and amazing. He makes his own fucking beat and they are crack... Download immediately.

Brey said...

ok so this mixtape is brilliant>>>> this kid is whitty, clever, talented and amazing. He makes his own fucking beat and they are crack... Download immediately.