March 2, 2010

Alarm Clock: @FreddieGibbs Edition

Straight up, point blank period: I slept on Freddie Gibbs. At first I passed him off because my friends defined him as gutter music. I took this as "fuck bitches, get money, I'm a boss, track suck my dick, kill kill kill, murder, murder, murder" over a hot beat. Because, lets be real most of these "gangsta" (used very loosely) rappers are wack and suck at life, let alone rap. But then I heard his XXL Freestyle and downloaded this tape ASAP. If I had to define Freddie Gibbs it would be raw, but honest. Not on some "Killa killa, more killin' killin' for killa killa" (c) Cam'Ron. It's honest and straight gutter music. Dont be like me. Don't sleep.