February 28, 2010

Nero - Iced Tea

@NeroInSpace taking on 'Lemonade'. You're not going to find a whole lot of people who will front and say that Gucci's Lemonade track isn't hot. I'm expecting this to become another Incredible/A Milli/Run  This Town/Wasted type of track that everyone takes their shot at. Nero takes this one down though. But what else would you expect?

SLik D - Midnight Vibes

SLik D is back with his new tape called Midnight Vibes. The name might sound familiar because he dropped his last tape called Summer Vibes. This tape's theme (You guessed it!) is more of a darker theme but it is still dope. features production from Nefarious!, Euphonic, and Elaquent, plus many more. Still hesitant? Well peep a stream of the whole project below:

<a href="http://slikd.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-vibes">Eleven Fifty Nine (Co Prod.Megan) by SLik d</a>


February 27, 2010

Rapper Big Pooh, Joe Scudda & Jozeemo: Live at Middle East (Boston)

So apparently, instead of coming to the Underground Hip-Hop Store where Dmack was ready to see them roll through, Pooh and the gang went to Middle East in East Boston, skipping over UGHH Store. This led up to the stories you're seeing today.

Nero, Mikkey Halsted, And Esso - CDR Freestyle

Leaders of the New Cool X CDRadio Freestyle Session Pt. 1 from Soul Rebel NYC on Vimeo.

Cymarshall Law: Good*Fella Radio Interview

QuESt - You're Not Alone (Prod by. ASTROnaunt)

DJ Booth grabs QuESt for their 145th installment in the DJ Booth Freestyle Series. Instrumental is nasty and QuESt is well... QuESt. You know what that means, dopeness.


February 26, 2010

Rhymefest & Skyzoo - Crack The Code (Prod. by Beatnik & K-Salaam)

Rhymefest & Skyzoo? Sounds like lyrical overkill to me. RTC apparnely hooked up the track for Closed Sessions Vol. 1 which will be released on Tuesday, March 2nd. RTC has a lot of information below.
"I really dug into Skyzoo's material while making the first Brainiac Mixtape with Naledge. He put two Skyzoo tracks on the mix and I was more than impressed. I went back into Sky's catalog and eagerly awaited the release of his debut LP, The Salvation. Shortly before the album's release, I had the chance to interview Skyzoo and he told me that he heard about Closed Sessions, and our Dimes and Dozens party in which we bring out of town artists into Chicago and have them perform at our monthly event. He expressed interest in doing the same and I was definitely with it. We organized a show for Skyzoo at The Darkroom, and setup a Closed Session for him the following day. Virgil and Ruben took Sky all around the city before his show, and when he hit SoundScape we could all tell that Chicago had made an impression on him. Rhymefest ended up just being at the studio during Skyzoo's session, the two hit it off very quickly with help from this K-Salaam and Beatnik track and the concept for "Crack The Code" was born. Skyzoo's verse centers on the intricacies of Chicago, while Rhymefest raps about the nature of New York City. It's an homage to two great homes for Hip Hop, and a pairing of two great emcees."

Mister Bibal - Beats & Breaks 2

Mister Bibal is a 21 years old producer from Paris. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Paris. This guys has some nice beats. Honestly they are some great pieces of work with some innovative ideas that we've never seen before. Bibal is on to something great here, I would definately check this mixtape out. Mister Bibal has a little background for the basis for this project as well:

Mister Bibal:
The album contains 12 tracks which are mainly inspired by hiphop producers (J Dilla, Madlib, Afta-1, Sa-Ra, Mike Slott, ...) but also french electro artist from the late 70's such as Space Art & Zanov. Last track is dedicated to Pierre Henry, the godfather of electroacoustic music.
Mister Bibal on Myspace

February 25, 2010

The Black Sunn - Sol Parables EP

4iovgj.jpg (470×470)
The Black Sunn hit us up today with his latest project "Sol Parables". A nine track EP with production from Damu The Fudgemunk, Mydas, Remot and more.
"Sol [sol] –noun 1. The sun. Parable [par-uh-buhl] –noun 1. A short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson. 2. A statement or comment that conveys a meaning indirectly by the use of comparison, analogy, or the like.

February 24, 2010

Classified Sits Down With The Come Up Show

"When it comes to Canadian Hip Hop trailblazers, Classified has definitely paved a blazing hot path. As a prolific and engaging artist, Classified began his solo career in the early 90’s in eastern Canada. Over the years Canada has proved to be a difficult market for Hip Hop artists to excel in, but over the decades Classified has carved his own niche touring the country (and overseas), facing many crowds, and putting out countless tracks, independently!

Recently, The Come Up Show’s DJ Chedo had the chance to interview Classified while he was in town. Chedo and Class spoke about a variety of things including Class’ new video for his hit song, “Oh Canada”. Check it out!"

Solar C - The Show (prod. SAMPL)

Apologies for the late post but this track really deserves some recognition. Solar C has some crazy rhyme skills and his whole flow really take me back (you know to the day where CDs when 4x platnium..). Anyways! The bars are tight on this track and the production... The production is unlike anything I've heard from someone not name Jay D*ll* (I dont want to jinx it.) Lets just say that much. Also got this into via One Sun:
This is a new stream of "The Show" from the Solar C and Prod. SAMPL.
Solar C - MC from Canada. He worked with such amazing musicians as ElaquentBhon Of Audio Ink and others.. In 2009 he released the mix "Science of Living Mixtape", that's all I need to say, just check it.
My man SAMPL (beatmaker, musican, sound-producer) is from Russia, Tolyatti. His stuff U can taste right here.
SAMPL is from Ill Fingas family, which have recently released their "Ill Fingas - EP 2009", check it out.

Carlos St. John - Breathe Again

Another new artist that i was just put onto today thanks to P&P. You can check out his latest mixtape "The St. John Portfolio" here which i am yet to peep but judging from this latest single its bound to be fire. Very impressed and looking for much more to come from dude very soon. You can check out his latest single and promo video below.

February 22, 2010

Yung Rep - Its Been A Pleasure

The boy Rep is back once again and killin it as always. Remember the name

Rickie Jacobs - Drop the World

Rickie goes in over Wayne's "Drop The World"

February 21, 2010

Stussy J.Dilla Documentary

R.I.P. To The Greatest!

February 20, 2010

Strick 9 - Hands On Ya (ft. Kore & Revalation)

Strick 9s new to us, but from what we know, he's from EMS and his first project is on its way. This song is solid, I was never a fan of the instrumental but Strick does it well. I hope he's ready with the lyrics because he's got some real stiff competition, and thats just EMS. As usual Rev has the info:
Here is another leak off of the EMS young gunna Strick 9's "Pick Ya Poison 2" Mixtape droppin' in March. Strick has also been kind enough to release the front cover artwork as well for the project. Tracklisting coming soon!!! Check it out!! And thank you for continuing to support EMS Productions...

Andrew Lewis – It Was All A Dream…

The homie Andrew Lewis just sent over this prelude to his "What Dreams May Come" mixtape. It's fire, you have to really listen to what he is saying to fully appreciate what he is saying. Clever punches and verse that are bound to fly over your head if you dont listen.


B.o.B aka Bobby Ray: I Wanna Rock - Part 3

B.o.b. & Lupe track coming soon, lupe says "The next collabo you'll hear... " so we'll keep and eye out.

Craig Bass - The Hip Hop Effect (Presented by TheHipHopEffect.com)

New material via The Hip-Hop Effect. I dont know the homie Craig Bass but I'm excited to see what kind of talent, THHE has found. THHE has the info on the tape:
At the start if the year Craig Bass hit me up about a project, basically I handpicked my favourite beats of last year and he rhymed over them. Now a month and a half later the final project is here. This was actually done earlier but I wanted to hold onto it until my birthday [today]. So hit the jump for the tracklist and get downloading. oh and there’s already talk of The Hip Hop Effect 2!


February 19, 2010

Ivan Ice & Emay - Ze Drums (feat. C4)

Dope track by the homie Emay. This joint is alot different from what we usually get around here so you gotta appreciate the originality in this joint right here. Lyrics are tough, the sample is used in a crazy way and the drums knock hard, so I hope you have some good speakers. Great track. Emay had this to say
I'm currently promoting my brand new single entitled Ze Drums, which was produced by dutch producer Ivan Ice and co-produced by me. It also features California rapper C4 on the second verse. Me and Ivan Ice are releasing our EP entitled 'Sounds Like' on February 23rd

<a href="http://ivanemay.bandcamp.com/track/ze-drums-feat-c4">Ze Drums (feat. C4) by Ivan Ice &amp; Emay</a>

Basic Vocab - Like A Star (Ft. Jesse Boykins III)

Basic Vocab, back with more good music. These guys are really heavily influenced by the 80s and 90s. You'll get it once you listen to their lyricism. Delivery is very oldschool, bumps well. Check it below.


February 18, 2010

Gambitt - Soultape LvL2 Sound Therapy

Gambitt, who produced all of Precyse's latest tape has a tape of his own with The SoulTape Lvl 2: Soul Therapy. I'm really digging this guys beats. Real soulful music with some very original samples here. MCs Check it out! There are definitely some gems in here.


JustNice - The UpperHand (Remix) x Choze - Fear (feat. QuESt)

If you've been following us on twitter (Myself & Choze) you'd know that Respect Earned The Remixes is the next project that is on deck. These 2 tracks came from the original track The Upperhand (JustNice, Choze & QuESt). Respect Earned: The Remixes coming soon, presented by Sound Society and mixed by yours truly.

Chiddy Bang - "Opposite Of Adults" aka Kids

Was just put onto this group out of Philly and I will definitely be on the lookout for more from them.

VERSES: Kaze vs. Nas

February 17, 2010

Wiz Khalifa - This Plane

To be honest I never really peeped anything from Wiz Khalifa until now. Im impressed.

February 15, 2010

iFFY – Songs Of Love And Madness

This is a real interesting project because its really one of the most diverse projects ive heard in awhile. Definitely the type of record you can throw on, sit back, relax and just vibe out to.

Precyse - The Invisible Tape Of Soul

This joint should have been posted a minute ago but it took me while to go through it all. Precyse is on deck, his concepts are great, his timing needs a little work but he's VERY good and he hasn't been rapping for very long (under 2 years). This dude is very good at what he does, point blank. All beats are produced by Gambitt and if you don't like Precyse, you will definitely like his beats, they go hard as hell.

February 14, 2010

Lauren Santiago - Hear It From You [Jansport J Remix]


New valentines day heat via Jansport J. May I introduce you to the definition of hotfiyah... no Dylan tho.
<a href="http://jansportj.bandcamp.com/track/lauren-santiago-hear-it-from-you-jansport-j-remix">Lauren Santiago- Hear It From You [Jansport J Remix] by Jansport J</a>

Neu Beginin & Protostar Ent. - Talentine (Presented By TheEarGasm X Hailmegatron X 87stickupkids)

Neu Beginin & Protostar Ent. have teamed up to bring you Talentine, a mixtape that chronicles all the emotions that accompanies Valentines Day. From the pre-relationship anticipation, to post-relationship turmoil, to relationships that just shouldn't have happened at all, NB Gang & Protostar Ent will be bringing you their stories through Talentine.

<a href="http://neubegininprotostar.bandcamp.com/album/talentine">Intro by NeuBegininProtostar</a>

Most of the mixtape is produced by Klash of Protostar Ent., a newer but highly competitive force in the blog world. Klash's production has already started to catch on with blogs, even as he's co-currently attending music school, honing his skills as a musician. Meanwhile NB Gang's leading man, Choze, gears up for this project having already been featured on numerous major blogs around the net (Kevin Nottingham, 2DopeBoyz, XclusivesZone.net, Y2K Daily & etc), most of which has come out of the recent success of his latest project Respect Earned.

Presented by TheEarGasm, Hailmegatron & 87stickupkids. 


Illdoctrine: Pop Life and Race Matters

Very true, Illdoc talks about not talking about John Mayer and how its really not that important of an issue at all. Gotta love it.

February 13, 2010

Pato Pooh - Follow Me (ft. Adam Tensta)

Sure I know this video is old, the track is even older and we've never even heard of the guys who are on it. But honestly... who cares? The production was on point, the lyrics are heavy and the video is amazing. You know you like it, and if not I'd have to call your taste into question...

Hollywood FLOSS - She Said

FLOSS is back again with a leak featured on his upcomin album "House Of Dreams" aswell as TheHipHopEffect's "Girls I Gave My Heart To" which will be dropping Valentines Day.


Song Of The Day: Wale - ADD Pt. II

So the next time anybody wants to act like Wale's not dope, just go back to this track.. educate yourself and realize that this was about 4 years ago. He's not kinda good or kinda nice or any of that, he's nasty and he's BEEN nasty for a minute. Its ok, if you didn't know before, but now you know. For those who dont have this mixtape this came off of, its called Hate Is The New Love (2006). It came after Paint a Picture (05) and Before 100 Miles and Runnin (07), so look it up!


B.o.B. - Down For Y'all

B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray coming hard with his latest track. Its sprinkled with autotune here and there, but his verses are what you really should pay attention to, he kills it. Bobby Ray is a VERY underrated story teller. Check him, doing what he does best in Down For Y'all below.


February 12, 2010

Song Of The Day: Skyzoo - All Over The World (Prod. By M-Phazes) x Get It Done (Prod. DJ Premier)

Friday's Songs of the day are filled with skyzoo, just a few of my favorite tracks from Sky, in his pre Duck Down Records/Jamla days. Enjoy!

Joell Oritz - Call Me (Feat. Novel)

Lupe Fiasco - Beaming (ALIen remix)

ALIen rippin it up on the drums once again. He got a post on Lupe's site for that one so this preformance is a pretty good look. This isn't his first big remix though, you may remember his Drop The World Remix. It was one of his first remixes that began spreading around the net, which debuted in December.


February 11, 2010

B.O.B. - Lovelier Than You (live)

Are we going to stop hating on B.O.B. now? ..Thank you.

QuESt - The Reason: The Documentary Pt. 2 [Presented By ImFlashy]

Via Kev. Fairbanks"
Here's another short clip off QuESt's Documentary with ImFlashy.com. Shot by Jahrue. Here QuESt speaks on his project "How Thoughtful" dropping today, and his next project "The Reason: A Defense Mechanism".  Enjoy.

Eazee Street Presents: Hawdwerk & Jansport J's Best of 2009

Via Eazee Street:
To kick off an original Eazee Street series I present to you Hawdwerk and Jansport J. You should know them as the duo who brought you High Power Moves (a good download) and you should know Jansport J as he has produced many a track that you've been able to access here. In this original series some good people from the L.A. hip hop scene will run off their "Best of 2009". The "Best" is their personal favorite projects that we saw drop in 2009...major label releases, free album downloads and/or mixtapes. As more clips begin dropping it will all make sense later...

Song Of The Day: Ne-yo - Get Down Like That (Remix) (Feat. Ghostface Killah)

People might think this is an odd choice the the song of the day but honestly.. is it? This was the song that SINGLE-HANDEDLY made me retract all my hate for Ne-yo back in the day. Ya gotta love this track, between Ghost & Ne-Yo tearin it up, dont front just because its R&B, its ok.. really.

Wiz Khalifa - This Plane [Video]

Chris Rock - Coming Straight Outta Locash

Funny Shit. Sad part is....this song goes harder than 90% of rappers today

QuESt - How Thoughtful

QuESt is back and we all know this is going to be one of the best projects of the year.

"Here it is everyone! QuESt’s latest tape “How Thoughtful” which will act as a precursor to his next major project “The Reason: A Defense Mechanism”. The tape is hosted by none other than YesIamQuESt.com along with RubyHornet.com and the mixing is handled by Ruby Hornet’s own DJ RTC. Enjoy and please help spread the word, every ounce of help is appreciated!"


February 10, 2010

Meko Mcafee - Eastside

We've never featured McAfee on the site and when I saw this...
I was thinking bout the homie J-Dilla and decided to something to the classic Jaylib joint "The Official" while at the same time reppin where im from..peep it!
...I thought it'd be another wack J.Dilla tribute (you know how rappers do). BUT I stand corrected.I dig this joint and Meko put in work. The joint came out pretty well, check it out.

Brey Quick - King Leon

New Brey for everybody to enjoy, homie is killing it with this new track. I'm not sure which Kings of Leon song this was flipped from but we'll do some digging and find out. In the meantime, check out this joint.

February 9, 2010

Mickey Factz - My Name Is Mickey Factz

New track from Mickey which can also be found on FKi's latest mixtape Blue Steel 2.0

M-Dot - I'm ILL Russell (Remix)

M-Dot really puts up the bars to go with the title here. Needless to say, this is M-Dot best track I've ever heard. He goes in! Presently surprised by the dude. Wasn't sure if he had all this in him, but he's making me proud to say I'm from boston right now. He gives Sound Society a shoutout at the end as well so check it out!

February 8, 2010

Kam Moye - Forever Fresh

Nas speaks on the making of "If I Ruled the World"

A little history via Blacktree.tv
Nas traded manager MC Serch for Steve Stoute, and began preparation for his second LP, It Was Written, consciously working towards a crossover-oriented sound. It Was Written, chiefly produced by Tone and Poke of Trackmasters, was released during the summer of 1996. Two singles, "If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)" (featuring Lauryn Hill of The Fugees) and "Street Dreams", including a remix with R. Kelly were instant hits. These songs were promoted by big-budget music videos directed by Hype Williams, making Nas a common name among mainstream hip-hop.

Wale - My Sweetie (Directed by Tabi Bonney)

This is the most hood music video I've seen a mainstream artist do in a while. A bonus track off Attention Deficit, Directed by Tabi Bonney.

Quest: How Thoughtful Cover x Tracklist

A mixtape on a Thursday? Yea I can dig it. Due out this Thursday, Feb. 11th, be ready!

February 7, 2010

Curren$y - Its A Shame (Ft. Wiz Khalifa) (Prod. By M&D)

Made by the big homies M&D. You might recognize the sample, Charles Hamilton used it once before cutting and looping a shorter sample then slowing it down before laying down the drums. M&D puts their spin on it and blends the verse in like we know they can. Get familiar if you don't already know.

Talib Kweli SBTV Freestyle

Kweli kickin off a real freestyle. Emcees take notes.

Ryan Perfect - Searching [The Lyricist Lounge Sessions 2001-2003]

(Not So) New EP from Ryan Perfect. This is a collection of tracks from Ryan Perfect from the Lyricist Lounge Sessions from 2001-2003. Songs he wrote when he was 15-17 years old. Production from Marley Marl, Needlz, DJ Khalil, and many more. Its a great 8 track EP, and you would be missing out not to check it out. Don't want to take my word for it? How about Kevin Nottingham's? They presented the tape.

1. Searching (Intro)
2. Searching (Produced by Needlz and Ryan Perfect)
3. Street Talk (Produced by Needlz)
4. Beautiful Dayz (Produced by M. Will The Shogun)
5. Audio Pictures (Produced by DJ Khalil)
6. Back to The Block (Produced By DJ Marley Marl)
7. Searching [Travel Vibe] (Featuring Nero)
8. Still Love NY (Produced by Minnesota)


February 5, 2010

Mos Def Speaks on Humble Ambitions

More of Mos Def's hilarity and real talk. This is why he's my favorite rapper of all time.

Joell Ortiz & Novel: Defying The Predictable


01. Defying The Predictable
02. Ghetto Pt. 1
03. Motherland (feat. Spree Wilson)
04. Hip-Hop (Remix) (feat. Jadakiss & Saigon)
05. Stressful (feat. Cry$tyle aka The Ink)
06. All The Right Moves (feat. One Republic)
07. Hit ‘Em Wit The Shottie
08. I Can Be President
09. Here The Next
10. Ghetto Pt. 2
11. Fighters Freestyle
12. So Much More (feat. Papoose)
13. We Ain’t Trippin’
14. Stand Up
15. Like I Know
16. Duffle Bag Boy Freestyle (feat. Short Dawg)
17. Raindrops (feat. Slaughterhouse)

Mos Def x Jay Electronica Live At The Independent

The mighty Mos Def strikes again. And as you all know, he is, in fact my favorite rapper of that generation so of course I stumbled upon these videos.

Via Always Hustle
"Last night I caught Mos Def and Jay Electronica @ The Independent in San Francisco for a sold out benefit concert for the Haiti relief effort. Here , Mos talks to the crowed about the importance of getting behind Haiti and in the second clip he gets frustrated at a drunk fan who wont stop yelling for Exhibit B. Pretty funny stuff from Mos and it's dope to see him and Jay on stage."

Choze, Wingate & Dani Banga - Generals (Prod. by Klash)

I can't even describe exactly what Talentine is right now but basically we've got Klash (who has worked with Choze before) producing alot of these beats and just orchestrating the details of the artist  and themes that will be featured on the Talentine tape when it comes out on Valentines day. This is a track that didn't make the cut.

February 4, 2010

Kardinal Offishall - We Gon Go

Loving this track right now! The latest single to Kardi's upcoming album Mr.International

Constipation x Flowmentals

Scienze - Her Favorite Song

In the blog world this would be considered ancient (dropped Oct. 2009) but I stumbled along it and its pretty dope so check it out and enjoy the dope track. We'll get more from the homie Scienze in good time.

February 3, 2010

810 - Glass Half Full

I can't believe i've been sleeping on this dude for this long now. Apparently this project from the Baltimore native dropped back in November, How i missed it i don't know. Very smooth project produced almost entirely by Mydus, this one is a must peep!

According to 810, “This mixtape is about an unwillingness to give up, when it feels like the whole world is against you. If you are a underdog then this is for you. I just wanted to keep it real.”

Bekay - Brain Tumors Rmx (Feat. M-Dot & Reef the Lost Cauze) (Prod. by Reef Ali)

Bekay has been everywhere on these blogs and now his track Brain Tumors which, to me, reminds me NY hardcore rap from circa mid to late 90s. This joint is pretty hot and a small observation of Reef the Lost Cauze, he sounds like Slug sometimes (its ok if you have no idea who that is, I just wanted to throw it out there.)


88 Keys: 25Mag Starving Artist Interview

A new interview via 25 Mag has surfaced with the man 88 Keys. I honestly haven't heard from this guy in about a year and change. Thats exactly why I dig this interview.

Hawdwerk & Jansport J: CaliFamous Tour

Tour starts in March, we'll have official dates for you guys later so stay tuned.

Lennon - A Beat Tape

@LennonCT comes back for with a uhhh....well A Beat Tape. Simple and straight to the point, the beats are stuff he did from 2008 to this very past week so you are really catching a history lesson on Lennon while listening to this jawn. Just in case you don't want to take my word for it, you can stream the whole tape below (Tell me Believe and Seasons dont go hard and I give up on blogging):

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href="http://mynameislennon.bandcamp.com/album/a-beat-tape"&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Believe by Lennon&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Shout outs to Cosmic Souls Collective for being dope producer, and Mick Digi for the dope cover art. Enjoy the music.

Flawless Hustle Presents: Stay Flawless

Introducing the Stay Flawless mixtape from FlawlessHustle.com MaG turned me onto this new tape (He's on it by the way, see track 4) and it sounds real dope. Personally I think you should check it out, its got some great artist you probably haven't heard of yet, so check the info, tracklist and links inside.

Invy - LAXinterlude (Prod​.​Chanes​!​)

Invy is a new artist to the site and you can thanks Hip-Hop Kings' Ryan Maxwell for the assist. Ryan hit me with this joint and Invy exceeded my expectations, dude has flow and has a style thats official, no gimicks, just music. I wouldn't sleep on dude for very long. A press release for his latest mixtape Volton is below
Invy Da Truth Prepares The Release of “Voltron” (Invy via Facebook)
As we enter a brand new decade of music, one artist in particular aims to catapult into the forefront of the Hip-Hop world. Invy Da Truth is a Chicago-based lyricist, who quite simply ticks every box, of every single Hip-Hop fan’s list that makes a great rapper. Confident in his own ability, Invy has built the groundwork over the past few years to ensure 2010 and onwards are set to be truly memorable.

2009 marked the release of Invy’s “Dro Flo” mixtape, a thirteen-track compilation of creative and hard-hitting music. Dro Flo was entirely produced by Chanes (Royce Da 5’9, Kurupt, Kid Vishis) and the pair seem to have formed a chemical bond which brings out the best in both of them. Fans who downloaded the mixtape citied Dro Flo as diverse, and “the breath of fresh air” that was required in the industry. Moving swiftly on, Invy Da Truth has completed his newest project called “Voltron”.

The concept for Voltron is simple. The mixtape features five main contributors (much like the 80’s television show) and when combined creates the formidable force that is Voltron. Each member possesses an individual talent, which is reflective in each of their respective tracks. However, rather than protecting the planet, Invy Da Truth aims to protect the Hip-Hop world from the abundance of reckless rapping, loss of vision, and lack of talent that is currently being promoted. All songs on Voltron were created in a strategic manner, so they coexist with the points to be proven on the project. This will show justice for artists who still regard music as an art, and give hope to those dismissed by the rap critiques of today’s world.

Voltron is without a doubt the best mixtape that Invy Da Truth has released to date, and will be available to fans in March. The first leaked single from the mixtape is called LAXinterlude, which can be downloaded for free. Both Invy and Voltron are entities that you can’t ignore, and you can be sure to hear Invy Da Truth amongst the masses very soon.