March 26, 2010

William A. Poe - The Day I Found Dilla

William A. Poe is an artist who is new to Sound Society this week, coming to bring us his newest mixtape, The Day I Found Dilla, a mixtape of his lyrical flows over the immaculate work of J. Dilla. Some of the strongest tracks included Look Of Love III and Playing With Words. He has a creative flow and a great concept for recording songs. The only place where this LP falls short is a combination of the recording and the delivery, both were solid, however neither were exactly where they needed to be. With a little more energy in those tracks and some more experience, Poe will surely be on a quick come up. The Day I Found Dilla is not a classic but what it is, is a testament to the lyrical and conceptually ability of Poe as an MC. If he puts in the work, we will be seeing a lot of him for a long time to come.

1. One More Try
2. Find My Way freestyle
3. Relax Ya Mind
4. Prestigious
5. Apex ft. Quad
6. Get Laid
7. Do What You Do
8. Clever
9. Art of Seduction
10. Jacking for Dilla Beats freestyle
11. Playing with words
12. William A. Poe Speaks
13. The Day i Found Dilla
14. Grab the Torch
15. Look of Love III
16. True Vibe
17. A Day in The Life