March 23, 2010

Addifi - The Green Diner

The Green Diner Mix Cover Art
Wow so this guy Addifi from LA, sent me his Beat tape entitled The Green Diner and I have to say I'm impressed. The range of beats is great and all of his beats flow sound like they are ready to be spit over. These beats definitely show me that Addifi is no rookie when it comes to producing and artist might want to keep his name on their list when they're trying to find producers for their next project because he certainly shows promise.

<a href="">The Green Diner Mix by addifi</a>
1. Chant Intro
2. O'dem Gods Play Dice
3. Story Time
4. We Gots Tin Gin
5. 12 Enrico's
6. Denial of Wernher Magnus
7. All Up In That Calibi Yau
8. Dr. Arp
9. Oh, Julius
10. The Fredwin Hoybble Conundrum
11. Waver Off
12. Till Next Time, Outro