April 30, 2010

N.E.P.H.E.W - Pressure [VIDEO]

Last time i posted some music from N.E.P.H.E.W was the first time and i said i needed to hear more. Well im glad dude saw the post because he hit us up with somethin new which he stays killin on.

April 29, 2010

Edo G & G.Valentino Ball w/ DJ Chubby Chub

Our local friends @thatsmajor supply us with some absolute real talk coming to you thanks to DJ Chubby Chub. Just listen in, you'll understand why this whole "last letter from Guru" clearly holds no merit and a talk about how Guru's upbringing didn't promote the type of talk he exhibited in that whole letter. I'm a Dorchester resident and I frequent all the other hoods that Guru ran through all throughout his career and I can tell you, Guru don't play that. Regardless of my opinions, please, I urge you to watch the video.

April 28, 2010

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beaming (Video)

@illusivemedia just gave @lupefiasco the best directed video to come out in AWHILE. The song was incredible in the video lets you see how 10/10 this song really is. Like NO ONE is touching this song.

Gerald Walker - I Got Ya (Ft. Streetz 'N' Young Duece)

Via @Gerald_Walker
"I recorded 52 demo's for my next release (Dropping July 16th, 2010) "I Remember When This All Meant SOmething..." this being one of them. This song is called "I Got Cha" and features Milwaukee based duo Streetz 'N' Young Duece"

Jansport J: Cultural Vibe Radio Show Interview

Via JansportJ
Here's an interview I did with Michigan State Radio Show Cultural Vibe a few weeks back. In the interview, I discuss the album "MoveMeants", the Hawdwerk & Jansport J duo, LA Scene, EP with Lansing, Michigan-based rapper P.H.I.L.T.H.Y and more.

April 26, 2010

Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter [VIDEO]

Nasir and Damian link up for the lead single to their collabo album "Distant Relatives" which i can't wait to hear. Album hits stores May 18th!

E.A. - Spotlight (Prod. By E.A.)

@EABILLION is the next artist that is on deck in NB/PS line of new projects. Today however ,he's just bringing you the next song in our Music Monday Series with "Spotlight." The Texas native is currently preparing the release of his next EP Culture Shock.


April 24, 2010

Chiddy Bang - Truth

Chiddy stays dropping innovative music and continues to drop unique videos to match. Quit sleeping on these dudes and if you haven't already go check out "Air Swell" now.

Hawdwerk & Jansport J x Prophit x COTN Studio Sessions/Show Performance

Via @JansportJ
Waddup everybody!
Figured I'd pass these 2 videos along. The long-time homies/collaborators Prophit and COTN (Children of the Night) have finally made their way out to LA. COTN has been documenting their experiences out here. The first attached video is of a studio session that took place on 4/20 where we welcomed them to The Cov (West Covina) and threw a bunch of dope rappers on a Jansport J beat (Hawdwerk, Prophit, Avi The Most Ill, Poetik Force, COTN).
The 2nd video is footage from our respective tour shows. Hawdwerk and myself are currently on our "Cali Famous" Tour with Trek Life & J. Bizness, as well as Basicali. We invited Prophit and COTN to be apart of our Riverside stop for their "A Tribe Goes West Tour".

B/A - Scared Money (Ft. Yung Nate)

Via @Copastetik. @HansomManson grabs @YungNate for a dope remix of Scared Money for this one. Yung Nate has been one of my favorite artist since his work with Charles Hamilton circa 2008-ish. Nate always brings a completely different style to these songs that no one else has out here. Plus his energy is above most of these guys out here. B/A is on his grind, keeping the flow of joints coming, check this out!
Biego & Yung Nate connect over Jeezy & Lil Wayne's "Scared Money" this time for the 3rd leak off of B/A's upcoming project, Past, Present, Future

April 23, 2010

Jo Well & DJ JAM - A West Side Story (Mixtape)

Via @JoWell
This is my A West Side Story (Mixtape)...I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen...especially DJ J.A.M. he did an excellent job mixing the whole tape...this is for everyone that loves music period!.I want people to be able to play this in their headphones, in their ride, or a party...take a listen...you will not be dissapointed...we having fun with this people...me, cee nario and jam were up late doing this for you!...so download, enjoy, and spread the music!! thank you all one more time for the continued love and support.. more to come...keep up with all the new music from me, The Antidotes, we got a tour in Europe coming up after the summer..stay up with DJ JAM and everybody that was on the tape... You can reach [Jowell] on Twitter & Myspace [then  DJ JAM on Twitter]

April 22, 2010

Grynch – My Volvo

Grynch hits us off with some ill visuals to one of my personal favorite tracks from "The Chemistry EP" which you can find here.

Eighty4 Fly - So Cool

Eighty4 Fly drops a dope track and a video for his track So Cool, directed by Jon Augustavo.


Rickie Jacobs - Living in the Sky

@RickieJacobs is back from his hiatus with his latest going in over XV's "Fall Out The Sky". Be on the lookout for "Air Jacobs" coming soon

Shad - Yaa I Get It

I Can not wait for the new album from this man. Still the most underrated in the game.

Ben Pramuk, Andy Smalls & Scanz - Take You Higher (4.20 Edition)

@AndySmalls, @Scanz & @BenPramuk have joined forces to create a 3 Track EP dedicated to 4/20. This EP is pretty dope, lyrically Scanz has great conceptual lyricism (as oppose to your average punchline rapper.) and the production is on point, Pramuk & Smalls put in alot of work with this production and it shows with how complete and detailed these beats are.

Via Ben Pramuk
Happy Holidays? Regardless of your 4/20 celebratory status, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this three song EP I co-produced just to distribute today. Featuring production primarily by myself and @AndySmalls along with @Scanz, we’ve offered up some raw, gritty ear candy for your listening pleasure. Please download below and enjoy.

April 21, 2010

Shaun Boothe - One Yes

Shaun goes in over an altered version of Nas's "One Mic". Canada stand up


Juve - Again (prod. by Josh Grooves)

@Juvesreal's Again sounds like a real good track. I'm feeling the sound and what Josh Grooves did with the production. Lyrically Juve is making some strides and hopefully he'll continue to get better because he has a great foundation to build off of, from what I've heard. These are definitely 2 people that need to continue to making music because both Juve and Josh Grooves are some great talents. Check out the track!
Living in the Bahamas isn't easy as an aspiring artist of any kind, much less a rap artist. Currently the internet is my only medium of reaching a wider/international audience. Within the scope of 'online marketing' and more simply in my case, trying to be heard, your site can be of major help. I have a free EP coming out on the 4th of May titled 'The Beginning of Something Better' which I would really like people to listen to. Attached [is] the single 'Again' produced by Portland resident Josh Grooves as well as the cover art & track listing.

April 20, 2010

Slakah The Beatchild - Enjoy ya Self V2 (Feat. Drake)

@beatchild comes through with a video for Enjoy Ya Self V2, featuring none other than Drake. I would tell you how good this man's album Soul Movement Vol. 1 is but you guys aren't sleeping. You are completely aware of how nice it is, and how it is an actual album. You know like, each track flows perfectly into the next track to make one cohesive project. Not one of those "Let me grab 2-3 tracks here and delete the rest of it", something that's extremely hard to find in music nowadays. Go support and buy his album on itunes, but you probably already have it because you weren't sleeping, right?

April 19, 2010

M-Dot - The Real & The Raw (Ft. Jaysaun) (Snowgoons Remix)

Via @RevOfEMS
The single was released earlier this week, now M-Dot & the Snowgoons bring you a brand NEW VIDEO by Alter Prod. for "The Real & The Raw ft. Jaysaun (Special Teamz)" courtesy of Goon MuSick!!!
P.S. To vote for M-Dot in the "Best Music Poll" go here, click M-Dot, Submit, above the nominees click Cast My Ballot, then on the next page Cast My Ballot again, then enter a name & email and select Cast My Ballot one last time and done. It takes a total of 30 secs so please vote and support M-Dot & EMS Productions and enjoy the new Remix!!
DOWNLOAD/STEAM: Usershare || MediaFire || Zshare

Rochelle Jordan - Free Fall (Feat Choze & JustNice) (Produced By Klash)

Neu Beginin & Protostar's Music Monday Series continues with a record from ProtoStar's Rochelle Jordan featuring Choze & JustNice, entitled Free Fall. This record was an unreleased track that was originally slated for Talentine, which dropped this past Valentines Day. Produced by ProtoStar's leading man Klash. Be sure to stay tuned, E.A.'s Culture Shock seems like the next project to be on deck from the NBPS connection.

April 15, 2010

Wiz Khalifa – Kush & Orange Juice

Sorry for the late post on this one we been busy over here. Wiz is back with an insane new project. Sit back relax and vibe out to this one.

April 13, 2010

Stewie Vuiton - Exhibit NB

@IamStewievuiton (Yes Stewie Vuiton, the producer) also raps.. yes it surprised me too. I heard this track this afternoon and it surely surprised me. As one of the closest people to NB over the past few months, this even escaped me. But anyways, Stewie kills it, so now we're going to have to refer to him as a Producer/Rapper and just for this I'm going to start calling him SV for short. Enjoy Exhibit NB!


Brey Quick - Ha Ha

@Brey_Quick, fresh off his last joint Ridin N The Cadillac, hops on another joint and goes in on the beat. The production is dope and Brey doesn't fail to surprise us just about every time. You know how he does it, check it out!


April 12, 2010

Choze & Voice - Drop The Game

Today we're continuing Neu Beginin & Protostar's Music Monday Series with Drop The Game, Choze and Voice's cover of Lil Wayne's Drop The World. Be sure to be on the lookout for more music in the next few weeks, with new projects from NB's E.A. & MC duo Tru Quality coming soon. Check it out!


Drake - Over

Nero – Left, Right

This is officially my fave song at the moment. Nero goes a different direction with this one but definitely pulls it off. Oh and fuck off with the Drake comparisons.

April 11, 2010

Add-2 - Goin In (Prod. Marcus Banks)

@YNotMyDream is back with a new leak from Add-2 produced by Marcus Banks as well as a statement on the state of the YNotMyDream Blog

Via Anthony Carrillo
As you may or may not know YNMD got shut down. It seems as of late blogger has been shutting everyone down. Anyways that's no reason to stay shut down. I have now moved over to wordpress and YNMD's new address is YNotMyDream.net. Even though the move has been a little difficult that isn't going to stop me from doing what I do best, and not to mention I still have two tapes dropping this month. Now I hit you with another leak off "1". This leak comes from my homie Add-2 with Marcus Banks on production. Lookout for the tape to hit the net this upcoming Wednesday. Thank you for all the support it has been an honor.

April 10, 2010

Lupe Performs A New Song at Boston's House Of Blues

@DmackMasterice never even told me about this! (I couldn't go to the show, but he did on Wednesday night). But anyways, Lupe does something special for the crowd at one of the favorite venues in the city. Boston has been being treated to some great artist these past few weeks, between K'NAAN, Wale, B.o.B & Lupe. I can personally say K'NAAN & Wale tore it up in Boston so if they're coming to your city, don't sleep, get your tickets and enjoy a dope show. Of course Lupe & B.o.B are straight show stoppers so I know you will already have your tickets for them when the times comes.

Boondocks Season 3

This week we were graced with not only the trailer but 2 hilarious promo videos as well! Here's the trailer above if you haven't already caught it when it was released. Below are 2 videos concerning Tiger Woods.. The 3rd and final season begins Sunday May 2nd at 11:30 PM.

Tiger Woods Commercial

Uncle Ruckus Sounds Off on Tiger Woods...

April 9, 2010

Choze - The Making of Transmission

Wale - Breakup Song

Seems like @Wale's post Attention Deficit buzz is actually considerably greater than his buzz prior to the album. He's been ripping it with his material. Looks like he's being rewarded for all the "growing" he's been doing. Now I say "growing" half heartedly because Wale has been nasty for years so I'm just not surprised. I'm just glad he's turning it up a notch once again. In my opinion his recent tracks are a cut above some of the tracks on Attention Deficit. Nonetheless, great album & great track, check it out!


Hawdwerk & JansportJ: Freestyling after Cali-Famous Tour Show in San Diego

@richforareason's got me speechless..

Brey Quick - Ridin N The Cadillac (ft Colby and Esco) (Produced by Gambitt)

So the other day, I had this instrumental produced by Gambitt off on of his very dope beat tapes. Brey heard the beat and pretty much wanted to tear it up, so I swing it to him and within a few days (less than a week) it got done! So here it is, Ridin N The Cadillac featuring Colby and Esco, produced by Louisiana's very own, Gambitt.


Chiddy Bang – Air Swell (Mixtape)

Chiddy Bang hit us up with this new (mini) mixtape "Air Swell". 7 New tracks from my personal favourite up and coming group. If you missed it before check out their single "Opposite Of Adults" which is blowing up as we speak.

Bohemian Rap CD - Little High / Little Low [Video]

If you guys remember, back in the beginning of march we posted a EP called Bohemian Rap CD. It was produced completely by Domar, who produced 5 amazing records, using only the Queen classic Bohemian Rhapsody. Here is the video for Little High/Little Low that was made from the old Sesame Street Bohemian Rhapsody video. If you never checked the EP out, please check it out, its crazy. Personally my favorite is track 3, Leave You All Behind. You can preview it below.

Get Gigs

April 8, 2010

Yung Rep - All I Know

Remember the name because you will be hearing a lot of it. Mark my words.

April 7, 2010

JansportJ - MoveMeants

MoveMeants Cover Art
Via @JansportJ
MoveMeants is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at the aforementioned sites. However, if you'd like to make a financial donation (yes please!), you can download the album for whatever price you desire on my bandcamp:


Huge thank you to every site/fan/friend supporting the project, posting the videos, and all of that nonsense. I appreciate ALL of you. And now I'm gonna leave your inboxes alone for a little bit.
<a href="http://jansportj.bandcamp.com/album/movemeants">Wake Up by Jansport J</a>

Jo Well - Behind The Walls

Via @JoWell
Hope everyone out there is doing good...We got some great news this week...We (The Antidotes) will be going on tour in Europe this fall!..In light of that great news..here is the next single off of my A West Side Story (Mixtape).....ride to this one.. and spread the music!...tape dropping 4/21.with a show Sunday April 25th (@ Dakota Live in Santa Monica, CA..presented by R.K Entertainment) ..these are the cuts I love...if this is your shit then you will love the tape....thank you for your love and support! In case you guys missed the last track w/ the homie Hawdwerk, here's the link for that one too....Thanks again!

Rhymefest feat. John Mayer - Letter

Rhymefest is too damn nice..That is all..

Nemesis - Foundation Of The Mind

So this cat Nemesis just hit me up with one of the most complete displays of lyricism from an up coming artist in a while. This guy is SERIOUS, lyrically he's in a class of his own, unlike most artist I've seen in the blog era peroid. He's much more than what I like to call a straight spitter. He goes in for more that clever punchlines and witty puns, he's got a little bit of adventure to him. His beat selection is great in my opinion (with my favorite being track 2, over Joe Budden's Angel In My Life). Conceptually, I think the project could have gone harder. The next project, I'll really be pushing to see a full theme or story from beginning to end for his next EP because it seems as if Nemesis is more than capable of creating something like that.
Now some may be wondering.. "why did he give him all this hype and praise than give him an 8.4?" Well concept is still a really important category thats really needed to capture audiences. However Foundation of the Mind wasn't as personal of a project as I'd like it to be, therefore it doesn't naturally draw me into its messages son by song (as oppose to Mos Def, Charles Hamilton or Hawdwerk's works do). Therefore I dropped the rating a little to give Nemesis room for improvement. Overall is a great project however and its not a project to sleep on! Check it out.

<a href="http://nemesispt.bandcamp.com/album/foundation-of-the-mind">Start by Nemesis&lt;PT&gt;</a>

1. Start
2. Angel In My Life
3.Ain't Better Than Us
4. Collisions
5.Verbal Torture
6. None of Yall Better
7. Rabid Lyricism
8. Lyrically Fit Pt.1
9. Honest to God
10. Gunz on Both Sides
11. Not What Your Use To
12. I'm Real
13. Redemption
14. Shout Outs

April 5, 2010

Numonics - Being Cool Doesn't Pay The Bills

South Florida producer Numonics has joined forces with IM KING, RubyHornet and DJBooth.net to bring listeners his latest release, Being Cool Doesn’t Pay the Bills.

Produced entirely by Numonics and blended by Chicago’s DJ RTC (of RubyHornet & Closed Sessions), the 21-track project finds the up-and-coming beatsmith enlisting a diverse cast of rising stars and established heavyweights to pay testament to the hustle that is required to survive and thrive in today’s music game.

The project contains new and unreleased music from the likes of Donny Goines, Reks, Shawn Chrystopher, Sene, Shawn Jackson, Co$$, BK Cyph, RAtheMC, El Prez, JtheS Wrekonize, QuESt, TreaZon, ThreatZ, Dre Biggity, Saheed, DJulien, Streets Buchanon, Butta Verses, Nero, Lex One and Paul Lewis (of PaulnotPaul).

Invy Da Truth - Voltron

Invy Da Truth has real dope material in this new project entitled Voltron. I like the production by Chanes! on alot of these tracks. I think this one deserves a review sometime this week so expect a full review (with the whole ?/10 rating and all.. you know how I do.) Anyways, shoutout to HHK's Ryan Maxwell for the tip. You can stream the whole project below the cover art and download via Bandcamp.

Invy Da Truth’s mixtape Voltron is finally ready for fans to download. It’s being released in over 52 countries, and can be downloaded from Invy’s bandcamp page. There’s also a bonus track with Royce Da 5’9’s brother Kid Vishis.

<a href="http://invy.bandcamp.com/album/voltron">01 Lost Boss Intro: Karma (Prod.Chanes!) by Invy</a>

April 4, 2010

N.E.P.H.E.W - Make Me Wanna Holla

First time i've ever heard of this dude. N.E.P.H.E.W if you see this get at me because we need some more asap.

April 3, 2010

T-West - Coming Home

I love seeing great new music coming out of Canada. Heres the 1st single off of T-West's - "Maybe It's Okay" EP.

JansportJ: Two Days Until MoveMeants (Instrumental LP) Release!

Via @JansportJ

We're almost there. 2 Days away. In this video, I compare MoveMeants to my past discography, including my previous instrumental album The 2 AM Tape, which is available at JansportJ.bandcamp.com.

Miles Jones - Trust Me ft. RaSoul

Im a little late on this one but anyways here goes the latest single from Miles Jones "Runaway Jones" album which you can get here

Jones Andrews - Mental Ventilation

"Since dropping my mixtape “The PRE Preface” on March 11th, I have been in promo mode but after a few events that transpired over the last few days I felt that I had to get in the booth and vent a little. So I took to twitter and asked my followers what beat should I hop on and someone suggested an instrumental from Freeway & Jake-One’s latest album."

JansportJ: Three Days Until MoveMeants (Instrumental Album) Release!

@JansportJ nears the release of his next instrumental project, the last before Movements being the 3am Tape if I'm not mistaken coming over 1 year ago. I missed this the other day after going to see Wale at the House Of Blues but I'm sure you guys can get caught up fairly quickly. A word from Jansport below

Via JansportJ
3 days away from the release of my instrumental album MoveMeants. In this video, I discuss the inspiration and thought process behind the somewhat random artwork for the album. MoveMeants will be presented by Acrylick & LrgrThnLfe, available for Free Download on April 5, 2010.

J*DaVeY - Outta the Window [Video]

You know how J*Davey does it Jack Davey on the vocals & Brook D'Leau rocking the keys, "summoning the psychedelic indian on a quest for self-discovery in a desert wasteland." How long did it take you to figure out that Jack Davey's real name is actually Briana Cartwright? I think its a huge ploy.. who would ever guess that Brook D'Leau was the male producer of the group and not Cartwright herself? That took me a few weeks to get right. But anyways, enough of the fun facts, Outta The Window is the new video off their Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes EP which dropped last Christmas

<a href="http://jdavey.bandcamp.com/album/boudoir-synema-the-great-mistapes">Fight The Daylight by J*DaVeY</a>

Good*Fella Radio - Rik Cordero

Via Good*Fella
Filmmaker Rik Cordero of Three21Media came down to G*FR station at Rutgers University a few weeks ago. They spoke about the origins of his works, the concepts, and what he loves about his job the most.

JansportJ: Four Days Until MoveMeants (Instrumental Album) Release!

Via @JansportJ
Won't waste too much time today. 4 days away from the release! Here's the 2nd video with me describing the instrumentation and sampling methods behind the instrumental album.

MoveMeants will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD on April 5th via Acrylick.net & LrgrThnLfe.com

Neako - 1 Up (Feat. Profit, Flight, Swagg Bellamy & Da Bizzness)

Catching up on post I've missed, we've got some brand new NeakO. Yall know have NeakO does, this joint bumps hard.