August 16, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS - Art or Fiscal Intelligence

Mixtape by Hollywood FLOSS. Dude comes straight from Texas and tries to conquer the age old question for all it for the art, or for the money....his solution..he chooses both. Its been described as that boom bap with a southern twist, but really I think he has his own unique sound. Check it out, you can stream the whole thing here:

1.Welcome 2 Hollywood
2.Art or Fi$cal Intelligence
3.Money Ova Here Featuring John Dew
4.Picasso Emcee's Featuring Presto! & HASH
5.Pimps, Prostitutes, & Money
6.Golden Player Rule
7.Take Control Featuring Tae Gutta
8.Better Times Featuring KIDD The Great
9.Here I Am (Interlude)
11.She A Dime
12.Before You Judge
13.Wreckin Yard (Signing Day) Featuring The WEB

Download Here


THE WIZ K.I.D. said...

Man if you Not up on that "Art or Fi$cal Intelligence" you are sleeping! All I have to say is "THis is the interlude" My ish! This is a classic Album! Floss B Keep the grind Bro, NIgs ready!!!!!


DX said...

Love the sound. Kid is for sure one of the up and comings...looking forward to seeing big things from this young kat.

Life Has No Script! said...

my boy Hollywood Floss is one TALENTED cat. They're really sleeping on him. Keep it up Floss

We are all HYPOCRITES!! said...

Great hip-hop out of houston always makes me smile.....Floss is tight!!! Hip-hop evidently isn't dead!

Anonymous said...

AOI or art official intelligence is sage's orignial band, this dude just stole that idea and changed the words, fuckin flunkie

Tone said...

Thanks to the SOUND SOCIETY and our new friends for supporting Hollywood Floss, we greatly appreciate everything you do! Please stay tuned...

....And to the the haters, we thank YOU too (to the kat that posted on December 30, 2009)...

Thank you kindly,

Mavis Mgmt
(HW Floss' Mgr)