March 15, 2010

Closed Sessions EP Vol. 1

Closed Sessions Vol. 1 Cover Art
Via Matt Conaway
Closed Session's EP Vol 1 has turned into a viral trending topic as the project has been given a co-sign from all of the major tastemakers (that's you!) and the founders of the project (specifically DJ RTC) are now available to speak with anyone interested in picking their brain about the project, how it came about and how the participants were selected and give an insight on the selection process for the upcoming Vol 2 EP.
The Closed Sessions EP Vol. 1 contains 14 tracks, and 9 original songs, all created at SoundScape Recordings in Chicago, IL. The songs were created under a simple idea, take talented artists, put them in a studio with other talented artists and producers, give them access to high quality production, and just get out of their way as they do what they do: create great music
<a href="">Rapper Weed by Closed Sessions</a>