January 21, 2010

Choze: Inside the Mind Interview

The homie Hailmegatron decided to interview my artist and Sound Society frequent Choze. This interview seems like it went down recently (if not last night). Nevertheless it popped up today and its a good set of 15 questions if you're looking check on the mans history. Hail does it again, this guy doesn't sleep.


1. Please state your name and musical occupation. 
Choze. Emcee, Audio Engineer & CEO Of Neu Beginin Records

2. How did you find out about myself and www.hailmegatron.net?  
I believe I was put on to your site through my homie Ca$hFlow a few months back via some songs he had me on. We began to speak, built a rapport and the rest is history.

3. When did you start music and why did you start doing music?
I started rapping at the age of 12, I started rapping when a friend of mine named Mason would always freestyle around me, we were both competitive individuals so I had the mind state of “Anything YOU can do, I can do better” haha

4. Who is your biggest influence, musically, and how did this influence shape the way you make music today.  
My biggest musical influence is the late great Notorious B.I.G. The way his rhyme patterns & stories were drew me in, He definitely made me want to raise the bar lyrically & conceptually.

5. If you had to describe your musical style, how would you describe it?  
Versatile. I’d like to think that I can do any type of record from commercial to underground. When it’s all said and done, I want to be remembered for my Versatility above everything else.

6. If you could sit in a studio session of one artist, alive or dead, who would it be and why?  
I would have to go with B.I.G., He’s my favorite MC of all time & I would love to pick his brain to add things to my repertoire.

7. Are you currently working on any projects?  
I dropped a mixtape with my homie JustNice Dec. 25th titled “Respect Earned” still promoting that. The next thing on deck is another collaboration project w/ my crew Neu Beginin & my boy Klash’s crew ProtoStar titled “Talentine” which is slated to drop Valentines Day, Then after that i’ll work on my solo project.

8. Would you like to do any features with any other artists?  
Most def. I’m always down to collab w/ dope people.

9. What is your opinion on the current state of mainstream hip hop?  
I feel like there is  good & bad things going on in Hip Hop right now, The gimmick records kind of deflate the whole creative process that artists are supposed to have making records, But to each his own. New talent is emerging so I feel like some of the stuff that’s out is just a phase.

10. What is your opinion on the current state of underground/independent hip hop?  
I love it. I’m part of the underground right now. It never will lose it’s essence & purpose.

11. How has social networking sites (Twitter/Myspace/Facebook) changed how your music gets to different people? It’s definitely helped me out no question.  
I started off posting my music on MySpace back in ‘06, since then I’ve been able to get my music heard via various websites from all over the globe, So i’m thankful for the Internet.

12. What is your favorite track that you have ever recorded.  
I would have to say “The UpperHand” with JustNice & QuESt, we were doing what we do best on that record.

13. Everyone is critical of their own music; if you could change one thing about your music, what would you change and why?  
I would say BALANCE, Sometimes I lean towards a certain topic more then once and get stuck being one dimensional. Versatility is what iIm known for so I have to keep the mindstate of being able to do whatever all of the time.

14. Random question: Do you consider yourself an Autobot or a Decepticon? 
Both. I have a split personality, I’m the Optimus Prime of NB but if a person get’s outta line I’ll go into Megatron mode lol.

15. Do you have any last words/shoutouts you’d like to say?  
Yeah, Shoutouts To the whole NB Gang (Tru Qaulity, E.A., Voice, Boss B) Shout out my manager Natac & the whole Sound Society fam (RedLine & DMack), Ca$hFlow, Ant from TheHipHopEffect. YNotMyDream, Klash & ProtoStar Entertainment, & last but not least, YOU for doing this interview. Much Love.


Megatron said...

Haha nah, I don't sleep.

Thanks for posting the interview fam! Much appreciated!!!