January 13, 2010

Cold Legistics - Northern Star [Instrumentals]

I am ALWAYS late when Cold Legistics drops some dope shit. ALWAYS. But anyways, this right here is dope, real smooth beats and is just as nice as Deeper Than You Think, and that is saying a lot. Check it out. Plus its cosigned by the homies over at Potholes In My Blog....can it get any clearer?


1 Dreamin’ in my Garage
2 Purple Wednesdays
3 Beatle Juice
4 Happy Endings
5 Prom Nite
6 Appleworm
7 Otherside
8 Daisy Jane
9 Wishin’
10 Skippin’ Schoo
11 Squares
12 Starbursts Bump
13 Time Bump
14 Synchronized
15 Blue’s
16 Vibe Out
17 Boxin’ with God
18 Step to my Girl
19 Northern Star
20 Shelly