January 14, 2010

Song of The Day

AGAIN. Phonte>>>Than your favorite rapper. Some of you might be like "Naw son chill...." but yo tell this song and his verse isn't CRAZY nice and I will stop blogging

"This is the last stop, last chance, last train to greatness
Last pain I take within my own chance
For Hip Hop, I feel I got to take a strong stance
I'm sick of that bullshit, hell I'm a grown ass man
I had to sit back, think, pause and recline
Gain a sense of myself while I'm caught in the grind
I could just throw some words together and call it a rhyme
But I'm tryna change the world eight bars at a time
That's what deep thoughts will do to you kid
Have you thinking bout existence and how hard it usually is
I'm kinda young but I ain't new to the biz
Just wanna hear my beats knock like past opportunities did
Phonte still burning it - rhymes so ahead of his time
I reminisce and see future occurrences"