January 9, 2010

Sound Society Update

Whoooa, he's still alive?!?! Haha, yeah I am and I just wanted to let all of our 20 visitors (HA!) that we have big things planned for 2010. Yeah, I know, EVERYbody says that. I know that I don't post as often as I should, or update you guys as often as I should. But, here comes the real talk, none of us have a lot of spare time, and we are not 2dopeboyz who can just post things all day (No Shots). However, even though we don't post the most and whatnot, you can get that guarantee that what music is on the blog IS dope, and IS enjoyable. Which is more than I can say for some other blogs (no shots). Anyways, look out for projects that we got in the works with other (dope) artists on the way and Wake Up Call is STILL IN EFFECT. Yes, I know, I know...what the hell is taking so long?!?! Well, we don't cook up classics in a short amount of time, and I will just leave it at that. Also, I want to give a sincere apology to all the artists/people/bloggers that emailed me overtime, I didn't forget about y'all and I will go through my emails soon. Also, BIG BIG BIG shouts to Natac and Redline for holding down the blog while I was incognito. I got a bunch of dope music to hit y'all with so look out for that.

P.S. Phonte>>>>>>>>>Than Your Favorite Rapper.

Whats good everybody? So after a rocky 2009, Sound Society has some surprises for you with the whole team back. We have some amazing surprises for you in 2010. Some people may not know yet but I'm now Choze's manager. Along with that I'd be happy to push any other QUALITY MUSIC anybody out there has to offer so be sure to hit me at Natac.Waveclub[at]gmail.com. You can hit me almost anywhere and I'll get back to you within 24 hours max. Sound Society is back and we're hungry so be on the lookout for all the new artist and producers we'll be posting this year, because we have a new host of players on deck that you haven't seen yet. So be Readdyyy, we out. End.
Whats good with all you hip hop heads out there. I've been sick over the past few days so i'm a little bit late with my update, But Dmack and Natac have basically summed it up for ya'll. We started all this simply for the love of the music and we will continue to support those who strive to create that quality music. Thanks to those who continue to visit, we have a lot of great music coming your way in 2010. Artist can contact me on twitter or email submissions to northerntouch87@hotmail.com
Huge thanks to Dmack & Natac, I'm definitely looking forward to doing big things with ya'll this year.1