January 6, 2010

Sev Seveer - T-Roy's Deli [Mixtape]

First of all, I have to thank Sev Seveer for the email he shot over to me because now we have so much information of this guy, take a look at the man's bio, he clearly has some above average credentials. Seveer has produced all the music on this mixtape, whereas the rapping is done by a cast that varies all around. The production on both singles were impressive so I'd suggest you check them out. You can preview them as well as download the mixtape at the bottom of the post.

    Via Sev Seveer:
Sev Seveer (Troy Brundidge), is a hip hop producer and radio DJ born and raised on Chicago's Northside. His music interests began as a sophomore in high school while playing in the Lane Tech marching band, despite a lack of musicians in the family. The same year, Seveer became heavily interested in the arrangement of hip hop tracks and what goes on behind the scenes. He began making his own music, but insisted on keeping his work relatively low key as a hobby.
Seveer's abilities, skills and work ethic increased tenfold with his introduction to the Urbana Champaign Hip Hop Congress, his crew at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Likewise, his desire to work with other artists on campus was now satisfied. Alumni artists GRZA and DJ Limbs sparked Seveer's interest in sound mixing and audio techniques, and also inspired him to strive to embrace hardware consoles rather than move away from them for programs. Through UC Hip Hop Congress he was also introduced to radio by AMS Nerd King, the former host of Beats n' Rhymes radio on 107.1 WPGU. Seveer now hosts the show, airing Fridays from 10pm-12am on air as well streaming on the217.com/wpgu.


Troy said...

Thanks alot homie, i appreciate the love!