January 18, 2010

QuESt - The Reason: The Documentary [Presented By ImFlashy]

A true story. I pretty much watched QuESt come up and he's honestly one of the fastest up & comers to date. As far as getting co-signs from 2Dope & Illroots, he pretty much tells the story. It just goes to show all you rappers out there, you have to get up to a VERY VERY high level of lyricism and conceptual depth just to complete with guys like this, in the blog world, but once you get there, there are no limits. Welcome to the jungle boys...
So let me give you quick insight on this project, back in December I went to check out the MULTIVERSAL show headlined by Shawn Chrystopher, Jovi Rockwell and QuESt. Before it was time for QuESt to get on stage I decided to introduce myself and let him know how I felt about his music, then pitched him the idea about doing a short documentary. He was down but we didn’t start until like a month later.
With that said that brings us to this short clip at his Barbershop which was our first stop on an extensive day of filming. In the footage QuESt discusses the blog where he first built his exposure with Waxx from illroots and how Shake of 2dopeboyz apologized for sleeping on him.