January 28, 2010

Nero - Far Away From Here (Prod. by Woody)

Nero's back at it, after shutting it down for nearly 8 months musically. But then again, are we really gonna call it a shut down? Because you KNEW this was coming didn't you? Now the most interesting thing about this whole track is that, as I listen, the whole tone reminds me of another young artist... Charles Hamilton. Now some of you kids out there are probably thinking "oh no.. not Sonic the Hamilton.. he's nothing like Nero." But if you check the content of the lyrics, the openness of the concept and his ability to isolate himself (between his past problems & situations) you'll notice he allows himself to be vulnerable at times in order to speak the truth, this is definitely a skill Charles Hamilton is known for. With that mentality, he cannot fail... well unless he decides to lie about some J Dilla input on his project and get lit up by his girl on video. But I'm sure Nero will fly where Charles has fallen, so enjoy the track