January 22, 2010

J*DaVeY - Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes

First of all.. wow. I peeped the joint "Get Together" as Gordon Gartrell Radio was going on and I haveto say J*Davey empresses. I figured I'd hand this off to anybody else who is interested in checking out their EP. Really different stuff, amazing at the very least. I'm going to have to track these 2 down and see if we can see what they have planned next. Not necessarily hip-hop but then again, I can't give J*Davey a genre at all right now. ***Get Together is track 4. Check it out, its got some real dope vocals.

<a href="http://jdavey.bandcamp.com/album/boudoir-synema-the-great-mistapes">Fight The Daylight by J*DaVeY</a>