April 24, 2010

Hawdwerk & Jansport J x Prophit x COTN Studio Sessions/Show Performance

Via @JansportJ
Waddup everybody!
Figured I'd pass these 2 videos along. The long-time homies/collaborators Prophit and COTN (Children of the Night) have finally made their way out to LA. COTN has been documenting their experiences out here. The first attached video is of a studio session that took place on 4/20 where we welcomed them to The Cov (West Covina) and threw a bunch of dope rappers on a Jansport J beat (Hawdwerk, Prophit, Avi The Most Ill, Poetik Force, COTN).
The 2nd video is footage from our respective tour shows. Hawdwerk and myself are currently on our "Cali Famous" Tour with Trek Life & J. Bizness, as well as Basicali. We invited Prophit and COTN to be apart of our Riverside stop for their "A Tribe Goes West Tour".