April 7, 2010

Nemesis - Foundation Of The Mind

So this cat Nemesis just hit me up with one of the most complete displays of lyricism from an up coming artist in a while. This guy is SERIOUS, lyrically he's in a class of his own, unlike most artist I've seen in the blog era peroid. He's much more than what I like to call a straight spitter. He goes in for more that clever punchlines and witty puns, he's got a little bit of adventure to him. His beat selection is great in my opinion (with my favorite being track 2, over Joe Budden's Angel In My Life). Conceptually, I think the project could have gone harder. The next project, I'll really be pushing to see a full theme or story from beginning to end for his next EP because it seems as if Nemesis is more than capable of creating something like that.
Now some may be wondering.. "why did he give him all this hype and praise than give him an 8.4?" Well concept is still a really important category thats really needed to capture audiences. However Foundation of the Mind wasn't as personal of a project as I'd like it to be, therefore it doesn't naturally draw me into its messages son by song (as oppose to Mos Def, Charles Hamilton or Hawdwerk's works do). Therefore I dropped the rating a little to give Nemesis room for improvement. Overall is a great project however and its not a project to sleep on! Check it out.

<a href="http://nemesispt.bandcamp.com/album/foundation-of-the-mind">Start by Nemesis&lt;PT&gt;</a>

1. Start
2. Angel In My Life
3.Ain't Better Than Us
4. Collisions
5.Verbal Torture
6. None of Yall Better
7. Rabid Lyricism
8. Lyrically Fit Pt.1
9. Honest to God
10. Gunz on Both Sides
11. Not What Your Use To
12. I'm Real
13. Redemption
14. Shout Outs