May 12, 2009

Black Sunn - The Dawn of Black Sunn (Mixtape)

Whoa major late pass on this. I recently heard of Black Sunn because he is doing a new project in association with illRoots I believe. So I heard his mixtape, and its pretty nice, his sound is unique, and honest, and from the interludes, I can tell he cares about hip hop from the bottom of his heart. Check him out yall.


1. Dawn (prod. by Varan)
2. Black Sunn Rising (prod. by Varan)
3. What Will Be (prod. by Blunderous)
4. Black Gangsta (prod. by J. Slikk)
5. Sum Luv (feat. 810) (prod. by Varan)
6. Time To Spare (prod. by Varan)
7. Monstas (feat. Student Of Battle & Graveyard Shifter) (prod. by Varan)
8. A Prayer (Save Us) (prod. by Varan)
9. Speed Of Death (prod. by Complex)
10. Ghetto Noir (prod. by No1r)
11. Dreaming On (feat. 810) (prod. by Mydus)
12. S3 (prod. by Varan)
13. Hate Me (prod. by Varan)
14. Eclipse (prod. by Complex)
15. Black One Shine (prod. by Mydus)
16. Wonderful World (prod. by Crippled Chemist)
17. Still Pain (Bonus Track) (prod. by Crippled Chemist)

Download Here