May 17, 2009

Damu The Fudgemunk - Overtime (Free Album)

No late pass on this one, I have been aware of it for quite awhile, I just dont know why I never posted it. If you haven't heard of Damu, then by all means stop reading and download this NOW. His mixing, and beats are only rivaled by Exile.


1. Overtime
2. Puttin’ In Work
3. Pulse (Official Mix)
4. What’s Next (Early Mix)
5. Now Generation
6. Colorful Storms (Official Mix)
7. LB (Extended Mix)
8. Summer 2004
9. Paranoid Remix (Instrumental Version)
10. How Many Of Us (Extended Mix)
11. Soul Brother Number 3 (Damu’s 3 a.m. Freestyle)