May 17, 2009

Children of The Night - 100%

Another late pass. I believe this is is the first mixtape by the NYC group, Children of The Night. This joint is mad smooth, and I always listen to it from front to back. Here is what Flawless Hustle had to say about the tape:

This mixtape project comes to us from the Children of the Night based out of NYC. The 100% Mixtape is the joint ya’ll. The production knocks something ferocious & lyrically these emcee’s can hold their own and in some cases shine greater than some of the talent that’s out there today. The crew goes in over a reimagined “electric relaxation” on the track “100%” which is fly as hell. This 14 track banger is one of those mixtapes you can sit back and listen to from start to end. There’s maybe one track that I’m not crazy about but that’s not bad at all considering the types of projects that hit shelves these days.