February 19, 2010

Ivan Ice & Emay - Ze Drums (feat. C4)

Dope track by the homie Emay. This joint is alot different from what we usually get around here so you gotta appreciate the originality in this joint right here. Lyrics are tough, the sample is used in a crazy way and the drums knock hard, so I hope you have some good speakers. Great track. Emay had this to say
I'm currently promoting my brand new single entitled Ze Drums, which was produced by dutch producer Ivan Ice and co-produced by me. It also features California rapper C4 on the second verse. Me and Ivan Ice are releasing our EP entitled 'Sounds Like' on February 23rd

<a href="http://ivanemay.bandcamp.com/track/ze-drums-feat-c4">Ze Drums (feat. C4) by Ivan Ice &amp; Emay</a>