February 3, 2010

Invy - LAXinterlude (Prod​.​Chanes​!​)

Invy is a new artist to the site and you can thanks Hip-Hop Kings' Ryan Maxwell for the assist. Ryan hit me with this joint and Invy exceeded my expectations, dude has flow and has a style thats official, no gimicks, just music. I wouldn't sleep on dude for very long. A press release for his latest mixtape Volton is below
Invy Da Truth Prepares The Release of “Voltron” (Invy via Facebook)
As we enter a brand new decade of music, one artist in particular aims to catapult into the forefront of the Hip-Hop world. Invy Da Truth is a Chicago-based lyricist, who quite simply ticks every box, of every single Hip-Hop fan’s list that makes a great rapper. Confident in his own ability, Invy has built the groundwork over the past few years to ensure 2010 and onwards are set to be truly memorable.

2009 marked the release of Invy’s “Dro Flo” mixtape, a thirteen-track compilation of creative and hard-hitting music. Dro Flo was entirely produced by Chanes (Royce Da 5’9, Kurupt, Kid Vishis) and the pair seem to have formed a chemical bond which brings out the best in both of them. Fans who downloaded the mixtape citied Dro Flo as diverse, and “the breath of fresh air” that was required in the industry. Moving swiftly on, Invy Da Truth has completed his newest project called “Voltron”.

The concept for Voltron is simple. The mixtape features five main contributors (much like the 80’s television show) and when combined creates the formidable force that is Voltron. Each member possesses an individual talent, which is reflective in each of their respective tracks. However, rather than protecting the planet, Invy Da Truth aims to protect the Hip-Hop world from the abundance of reckless rapping, loss of vision, and lack of talent that is currently being promoted. All songs on Voltron were created in a strategic manner, so they coexist with the points to be proven on the project. This will show justice for artists who still regard music as an art, and give hope to those dismissed by the rap critiques of today’s world.

Voltron is without a doubt the best mixtape that Invy Da Truth has released to date, and will be available to fans in March. The first leaked single from the mixtape is called LAXinterlude, which can be downloaded for free. Both Invy and Voltron are entities that you can’t ignore, and you can be sure to hear Invy Da Truth amongst the masses very soon.