August 10, 2009

The Perfect Median - This Morning EP

So I was browsing over The Cosmic Souls Collective for great music, seeing as how they have never let me down and ran across this EP composed by Know Juander & Grip H. here is what Know Juander had to say about the project:

"What I present to you right now though, is the latest effort from Grip H and me as The Perfect Median, the group from which most of my body of work comes to date...The way this record is put together is as follows:
Side A is two older tracks that we recorded many moons ago. Not too many moons, though, cause I haven’t been making beats that long.
Side B is new tracks that we’ve recently penned and recorded. All of the beats were handled in house with the exception of the last track which was a 9th Wonder beat. Big ups to 9th Wonder (for not letting us officially use this beat, haha). So here is some more music for the $free.99"