August 20, 2009

Freddie Bruno - The Bruce Lee Mixtape

Mad props to Mando for letting me know about this mixtape through his twitter page. Its an instrumental mixtape sampling Bruce Lee. Here is what Freddie Bruno had to say about the project:

"What’s up everyone! I now give you the Bruce Lee Mixtape brought out by yours truly! I hope you enjoy it! It’s my own tribute to the greatest fighter to ever live; maybe it will inspire you to learn more about him? His legacy, his struggles, and his untimely death. I used samples from all his movies as well as some movies that were dedicated to him as been played by his "look a likes"…

God Bless and enjoy."
1. Teacher
3. Death Fist
4. Big Charlie's Revenge
5. Sake Shot Glass
6. Buddah Foot
7. Fred Fu
8. Jeet Koon Rib
9. Egg Rolled
10. Jackrabbit Kelly
11. Rice Bowl (Feat. Sivion on Saxaphon)
12. Han's Stew
13. William's Room
14. Low Main
15. Strip Fu
16. The Split Dragon

Download Here


Mando said...

Glad you pick this tape up, I was actually gonna send it to you, but you beat me to the punch...