August 2, 2009

know:Juander – A Kid Love, beta

Before I get into the post, I just want to say something (semi-related) to this. I just want to say that the independent artist is so much more versatile than (most) famous industry cats. Like this guy for example: He did the artwork, conceptualized and idea for his tape, produced the whole thing, then rapped over the beats he created. The is the epitome of a truly original project. I mean if dude's work ethnic doesnt want to make you download, he has even been kind enough to provide a stream of the whole most of the album:

<a href="">Memories by know:juander</a>

Now here is what he said about the record:

"The spirit of the record is carried on the thought that when we were all kids, we truly experienced unadulterated love. The feelings we possessed as children were the most authentic. So the title implies that the work in full is the most authentic expression of (love) for, in this case, undoubtedly, hip hop that could be shown. The usage of “beta” as a suffix on this project has more than the mere meaning that this project is in a user-tested phase. Loosely, though, there is the desire for those who pick up this project to try it out, try to understand not only the material, but the artist also. Moreover, to try to give the same energy to their crafts, whether it musical or not."
2.Intro Window
3.Mom's Street Canvas
4.This Long Keep On
5.Pause That Tape
6.The Love Beat Interlude
8.Drummer... A Little Bit
9. Painting A Still
10. A Little Bit...More
11. Determination (Feat. Jarrell Perry)