May 25, 2010

M-Dot - No Money Down

(Via @RevOfEMS)
M-Dot's New Music video "No Money Down" directed by Zach Voytas (has had several works on MTV2). The video was shot with the same type of camera they used for "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" and was filmed on location in California (the Mojave Desert). The radio single "No Money Down" is off of Commonwealth Records compilation CD A Boston State of Mind Vol.2 out now. The video will also be on Comcast Cable On-Demand soon!!!!

"In the video, M-Dot is a soldier who's lost contact with his troops. He's left to die in the desert but instead he survives and is able to find his way back to civilization with no assistance. The video is a metaphor for his independent mind state in the rap game and how he's grinded his way into every opportunity and blessing that has come his way thus far.
My local homies usually get love but this time they did me the favor, sending this in twice. Luckily I caught it the 2nd time and must I say M-Dot & his crew know how to shoot a video! the angles, the cuts, the focuses, were all in tune with the song making it blend in an absolutely brilliant way. Salute to Zach Voytas who directed this video, you've done very very well for yourself.