May 21, 2010

King Zigg Zag - Korduroy Killaz [Beat Tape]

I'm back...and you know what that means. @kingziggzag drops this is a dope ass beat tape. Its worth the download. Tell me "In The Chamber" doesn't go hard. Check out the stream/description/tracklist below.

1.Funk (In The Trunk)
2.Cherry Soda (Hold It Down)
3.Dopeman Blues (187-NARC)
4.Rhythm (It's Life)
5.Never Say Never
6.Pin The Tail (On The Honkey)
7.The World (7 Grams)
8.No Favors
9.From The Grime
10.Ronny Regs (Stemz)
11.Inside My Love (And Yo Mouf)
12.In The Chamber (Regulate)
13.In The Dungeon (Korduroy)

"Okay, you may be wondering what the hell is up with the name of the album, not only that, your wondering who the hell are The 187 Dopemen, and who is that sitting in a cell on the cover? I don't really have too many answers to give other than drugs can really make you do some pretty goofy stuff.. I had come up with all of the details of this album as a total joke.. it was going to be a parody on really old obscure g-funk albums.. the ones with really silly covers and crazy cliche raps about 40 oz's and 64 impalas.. It wasn't hate or anything since I love westcoast hip-hop, but it was just really funny to me. Turns out my g-funk stint didn't really last too long, so I scrapped the idea; but I really liked how the cover turned out, and I actually grew to the name King Zigg Zag.. so I made it official.. I tried to keep the album in the same spirit since I didn't want it to be another idea down the toilet (I also wanted to do a mafioso hip-hopera but that never panned out).. the 187 Dopemen were suppose to be a group of emcees with totally ridiculous names and gimmicks to match my parody. I was even going to go as far as telling people it was some random album from 1994 that I just stumbled upon.. there are some instances where I just can't explain how my mind works, and this is one of them.. either way, the beats are totally serious.. it's just masked with a silly set of titles."

<a href="">Funk (In The Trunk) by King Zigg Zag</a>