May 25, 2010

Nick Rage - Gemini Album Release

Via Ryan at @HHKDotCom
Pittsburgh artist Nick Rage has announced he will be releasing his debut album “Gemini” on May 21st 2010. With features from the likes of Royce Da 5’9, King Gordy and Krizz Kaliko, Gemini is not only vividly imaginative, but powerful through lyricism and great music too. 
Nick Rage has previously released several projects including the high-profiled “Dead to Society” mixtape which was credited with no fewer than 10,000 downloads and listens worldwide. Gemini is built on the foundation of Dead to Society, however the growth of Nick Rage as an artist and song writer clearly shows. 
Gemini will be released digitally via iTunes and all popular online retailers, and a limited number of physical copies are also available which can be pre-ordered through Nick Rage’s official blogspot website. Gemini is available from May 21st.
Courtesy of HHK we also have an exclusive sampler of the album for our try before you buy types out there (you know who you are).