September 21, 2009

Sene - Maltas & Music (Mixtape)

New mixtape for the homie Sene. If you haven't heard of Sene I sugest you cop this mixtape because dude has skills, and if it makes it any better he has a collaborative album with Blu. (Blu is doing the producing and Sene is handling the vocals.) Check it out, and be sure to op his album October 13th.

1 - Gotchu Up
Produced by Fonetik Simbol
2 - ShadesUVGray
Produced by Willie Evans Jr.

3 - Wish You Well! Featuring Co$$
Produced by EmAy
4 - WinDoeDaily
Produced by Blu; Keys: Sene

5 - Whateva Wheneva
Produced by Erik L.

6 - Love Tha Hate
Produced by BlakkSwann

7 - On La Rocks
Produced by Thought For Food
8 - Margarita!
Produced by Blu; Guitar: AKil Dasan; SteelDrum n Bongos:Sene
9 - Wait4Mourning…
Produced by Sene and BlakkSwann
10 - Walk Away
Produced by A/Z Blaze

11 - Sorry Ladies
Produced by Thought for Food

12 - QuarterWaterSupporter
Produced by Blu
13 - Impromptu
Produced by Illingsworth
14 - PleaseDon*tRain featuring Kissey Asplund
Produced by Blu; Post production:Erik L