September 28, 2009

Divine Minds - Divine Intervention [Mixtape]

I like to do my own research on new acts but considering Black J gave me the information so neatly, I'll simply pass the bio onto you:
Divine Minds is a hip-hop duo consisting of an MC and producer from Cleveland, OH. Black J, the MC, and Mike A, the producer, have been lifelong friends and lifelong music fanatics; however, it was not until after their graduation from Shaker Heights High School in 2004 that they joined forces to begin creating music of their own. Years later, with a great deal of recording and performing experience under their belts, Black J and Mike A are ready to take the world of music by storm with a divine sound and a heavy debut album, “Divine Intervention”.
Their music is crazy people, I see a very solid future in their music. Be sure to check out the tracks below as a sample because they're real dope. Personally That's Cool is going to be my jam for the next week or 2. Arms Reach isn't one to be slept on either. Don't be surprised to see a review of this mixtape in the coming weeks.