September 1, 2009

J.Period & K’naan - THE MESSENGERS: Fela Kuti

New mixtape from J. Period and K'Naan, a dedication to Fela Kuti. Definitely check it out, its thoroughly enjoyable.

"J.Period & K’NAAN are pleased to present “The Messengers,” a tribute to Fela Kuti, Bob Marley & Bob Dylan. Episode #1 pays tribute to Fela, Nigeria’s eminent musical activist and one of Africa’s most influential artists. Fela grew to international fame with “Afrobeat,” a genre he invented that combines soul, funk and African rhythms. Join J.Period & Somali-born MC K’NAAN as they pay tribute to Fela by remixing and reinventing his classic work. Also featuring: Zumbi (Zion I) & Bajah (Dry Eye Crew) from Sierra Leone."
1. Introduction to Fela Kuti
2. Let’s Start (Messengers Remix)
3. Let Me Introduce Me (Messengers Remix)
4. Messengers & Prophets (Interludes)
5. Ololufe Mi (Messengers Remix)
6. Who is Fela (Interlude)
7. Got My Dream (Messengers Remix)
8. The Story Of Fela (Open & Close)
9. Gentleman (Messengers Remix) (Ft. Bajah)
10. Perceptions Of Africa (Interlude)
11. Africa (Messengers Remix)
12. Africa Unite (Outro)