July 6, 2009

Nefarious! - Crush Groovin'

(Not so new) tape by a producer who goes by the name of Nefarious!. I came across this through a recommendation (by the way if you have any recommendations please feel free to email me) and this is one smooth instrumental tape. If you like oldies, its deeply recommended you check it out. Also I provided a stream to the whole thing to, in case you doubt me.

<a href="http://nefarious.bandcamp.com/album/the-crush-groovin">Wackness (Intro) by Nefarious!</a>

1.Wackness (Intro)
2.Love And War
3.Dial My Number
5.I Love (Lets Build) ft. Siopao J
6.Note To Self (14JD)
7.Never Stop Loving You
8.Groove With You
9.Dont Ever Stop Loving Me
10.Side B ft. SLik d
11.The Mood
12.Pain Maker
13.Am I Losing You
14.You Never Knew (& She Said)
15.There's A Chance (Its Time)
17.I Wanna Make Love
18.Crappy Daze ft. Scrabble
19.Goodbye Isaac (Outro)