July 6, 2009

HiCLAS! - The Unidentified (Mixtape)

So I stumbled across this artist called HiCLAS after looking at submissions for XV's contest he held over at 2DopeBoyz. I liked dude's verse and decided to check out his mixtape. I have to say, the mixtape is nice as hell, and the production from the 31st Century fits Clas' style well. At times he reminds me of Lupe Fiasco, but he still has is own style. It gets the Sound Society Stamp of Approval.

Yea, I posted this a MINUTE ago, but I was listening the other day and just had to bump this back to the top.

1.Un-identified [Intro] (Produced By Davin of 31st Century)
2.Astro-Boy (Produced By Glasscity Kid)
3.Jock My Swag (Produced By SV of 31st Century)
4.Catch Me Interlude
5.Transitions to Dollar Circulation
6.Hungry (Produced By Davin of 31st Century)
7.Wherever You Are (Part 1)
8.Who Is Clas (Produced By Davin of 31st Century)
9.No Future
10.Say Word to The Player
11.Class Speaks
12.Future Love Angel
13.Let’s Go (Produced by SV of 31st Century)
14.Hypnotized (Produced by Tony of 31st Century)
15.G’d Up (Produced by SV of 31s Century)
16.I Told Em’
17.Galaga Interlude (Produced by SV of 31st Century
18.Allure (Produced by X The Phoenix)
19.It’s Whatever
20.The Closer (Produced By Tony of 31st Century)
21.Time[Outro] (Produced By Skateboard Lee)



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