June 9, 2009

Darren Anthony - The Restaurant (MixTape)

I honestly don't even know how I came across this tape. I think its because I'm Brittany Street's friend on facebook, and she commented on his D.O.A. Remix (which he killed), and I looked up his music. Holla at social networking!!!! But anyways, I read this and had to peep the tape(Plus it got Mick Boogie's co-sign):

A grueling 9 to 5 at ‘the Restaurant’ would never cut it; neither would a life of crime or being a fulltime student at Cuyahoga Community College, downtown Cleveland. Therefore in 2006 at the age of 19, young Darren Anthony made a decision that would change his life forever: take his final school loan check and put it back into what matters most – the music.
1. Lazy Monday Intro (prod. by Pro & Brave)
2. Waiting on a Interview (prod. by Pro & Brave)
3. The Unemployee (prod. by Pro & Brave)
4. The Restaurant (prod. by M. Stacks)
5. Same Shit, Different Day (prod. by Pro & Brave)
6. Young City (prod. by Phenom)
7. Get Cha Money Up (prod. by Phenom)
8. Fly Motherfucker (prod. by M. Stacks)
9. Space Cadet (prod. by Pro & Brave)
10. Cool Crazy Chill (prod. by Mr. Stay Crunk)
11. Do This Again (prod. by Mr. Stay Crunk)
12. Sex in the City (prod. by Chryss da Ruler)
13. Nowhere Fast (prod. by Pro & Brave)
14. Too Long ft. Nikki Nikita (prod. by Pro & Brave)
15. I Quit (prod. by M. Stacks)
16. Brand New Start (prod. by Pro & Brave)