June 30, 2009

Internet Goon Presents: Summer With The Goons

Major late pass, since my internet was shot to hell for the past couple of weeks I wasnt able to post this. However, its here now, and it features a bunch of incredible rappers, and you should definitely check it out.


1. Internet Goon- iGoon’s Intro
2. Revalation-Let’s Take It Back
3. D. Julien-Sinister Keys
4. Homeboy Sandman-Sand Be The Broham
5. M-Dot-Shout Out
6. M-Dot-Another Woman
7. J. Nolan-I Don’t Wanna Hear It
8. Mouse-Like I’m Posed To Be
9. Internet Goon-Internet Goon
10. Mike Classic-Intoxicated
11. Nov Ganon-Labels
12. Black Table Committee-Fly Than A Muhfucka
13. Revalation ft. Bobby B-What 2 Say
14. Lyriciss-Give Em A Show
15. Jasiri X-Here After
16. Homeboy Sandman-Everyday Love
17. M-Dot-Sluts
18. RoTone-Shout Out
19. E.A.R.T.H ft. TIE-Sexin’ After Textin’
20. S-Caliber ft. Nate Landers-Hey Hollywood
21. Prezzure-Lonely Dayz
22. Wax-Summer In The City
23. Outro
24. Internet Goon Freestyle