December 1, 2009

Revalation - "Net" Worth

Ok so here we have Revalation of EMS going in on Jae Millz's Bring It Back instrumental for about 2 minutes and some change. Rev has a pretty deep description of both his new project and the song below so I'll skip repeating his info and say I like the concept and feel of the song. My only criticisms would be that the focus of it was a little narrow. I hope to see Rev continue to progress on the mixtape however. Overall I'd encourage you to take a look.

About the Mixtape: I'm leaking a new joint in hopes that you can help me out to promote my upcoming mixtape "The Revalation Will Be Televised: Commercial Interruption" Coming Dec. 31st!!! This will be the first in my "The Revalation Will Be Televised" series. Originally I was only gonna do one with that title but came up with an idea to connect the tapes and give them that old school series feel where all the tapes have a connection & show a different sides of me as an artist. Commercial Interruption will be more of my commercial side (meaning the tracks will have commercial appeal or be on industry beats)

About the song "Net" Worth: This song is a representation of the New Era in Hip-Hop where the Internet has made it possible for indie artists, like myself, to compete for noteriety in an overly saturated "commercial market." The internet evens the game out just enough for this new generation of up and coming MC's to have a voice. With that said, I give you "Net" Worth, a play on words of course but also a reflection of my personal thoughts of the game and the people who don't support me, yet want something from me at the end of the day. So here's to them motherfuckers!! Time to get RAW!! 2:30 of STRAIGHT SPITTIN'!!