December 18, 2009

Revalation - Heart of the City (Feat. M-Dot)

This joint is really something I can rock too, great efforts by our local talents Rev and M-Dot. Be on the lookout for The Revalation Will Be Televised: Commercial Interruption Coming Dec.31st Hosted by DJ Motion (of Coast2CoastDJs & MixTapeKings) and Presented by,, & Rev has the rest of the info for us:
"Heart of the City" is obviously done over the classic Jay-Z beat of the same name. In this version I decided to recruit some EMS help & got M-Dot on the track. He kicks off the track reflecting on Boston and the fact that there "Ain't No Love" in the city at times but he embraces love or hate because it comes with the territory. I continue on the second verse speaking about New Bedford, MA aka Secret City and I go into detail about lack of love and support as well within the city for it's own artists and compare it to the likes of a basketball game with haters sitting on the sideline jealous while I'm starting. Hope you enjoy our spin on the classic!!