October 10, 2009

Ill Fingas - EP (2009)

So my dude One Sun over at Sampler Book shot this to my email the other day, and its a dope instrumental project. One of the best that I have heard in a mean minute. Dont want to take my word for it, that the project is 100% quality? Well here is a stream of the whole thing:
<a href="http://onesunsamplerbook.bandcamp.com/album/ill-fingas-ep-2009">Lowers by Sampler Book</a>

1. Lowers
2. Royall Flush
3. You
4. Air Magic
5. Dirty Diggin
6. Gone
7. UFO
8. Out of Ship
9. Note Me Love
10. 70 years of October
11. H2H
12. JFU

Download Here