October 14, 2009

Clif Soulo - Forever Be Hip-Hop

I just checked this album and this whole project is some very powerful stuff right here. Clif Soulo is quite frankly, my favorite blogger on the HHU team (Sorry J.D.). Clif Soulo is coming out of Oakland; Blogging; Rapping; Spreading overall wisdom haha. But in his newest project, Clif goes in on a whole set of common classics, sending his own personal messages in each one. This tape leaves little to be desired, but I could see Soulo getting a little more diverse as far as the moods of the tracks go, however considering its a themed album, his focus may have been intentional. But as the first major effort we've seen from Clif Soulo, its definitely worth the download as it delivers a dense yet positive, motivating and optimistic take on the reality we live in.
"I created this album called Forever Be Hip Hop. It's my own take on instrumentals from Commons' album's Finding Forever and Be. I tried and hopefully was successful in creating a new album introducing myself to the world as "Clif Soulo", but also paying homage and showing respect to Common. If you get some time, download it, listen, let me know what you think."


Clif Soulo said...

I appreciate this post bruh...real shit. Thank you.