October 10, 2009

Must Be Life: an Interview with Jabee

So I did an interview with the homie Jabee over at AboveGround Magazine. The interview came out great and I loved how it turned out. Catch a glimpse of it below and if you wanna read the whole thing (which you should), you can do that here. Excerpt here:

Word, word. I noticed in one of your songs, called Don’t Forget About Me, you say “I came from the same gun that killed my bro/grew up with same folks that killed him though”. Can you explain that song and more specifically that bar?

As far as the idea behind it, I just wanted to cover as many angles as possible without losing who I am as an artist, and be as clean as possible. Also not try and be like any other tapes that came out around when mine came out. I just wanted straight RAPS and traditional hip hop. I came from the same gun that killed my bro – it has a few meanings. First meaning someone putting a gun to my brothers head and blowing his head off is evil – so I came from the same gun meaning I’m no good either, we are all born sinners I came from the same thing, until I was born again. Also, it was a kid who originally had the gun, I have been that kid in some way at some point. The 2nd line: grew up with the same folks who killed him though – everybody on that block that night was somebody that I grew up with, the kid who had the gun at first had sisters that I sat behind in class , I used to try and holla at one … {laughs} nah mean? So I knew all the people out there. We all grew up together.