November 3, 2009

One More Time

Yo, sorry for the second consecutive post in row that does not have music for your ears. But this deserved its own post.As I am going through my 300+ emails, I realized I got emails from people (not even rappers) that emailed me asking if everything was OK with me. These are people that I don't even know personally, I just wanna give you guys a special shout out and THANK YOU for even caring enough to email me. That really means A LOT, it means my job as a blogger is actually coming through for y'all and I am not just one of those blogs that get clicked once and ignored the next day. Thanks man, glad y'all are able to enjoy the stuff I post. Quick shout outs to HollywoodFLOSS, Tyler at AboveGround Magazine, and ThreatZ. Damn, wish I had a brother named Ray-ray, so I could shout him out too. Holla!